Fruit, Herb & Dairy Shares!


But you can still order dairy items a la carte throughout the season from Milk Not Jails. Details on those delivery dates coming soon!

Veggie shares are SOLD OUT for the 2013 Summer/Autumn season but you can still order fruit, herb or dairy shares! Just download and send the CSA contract with your check ASAP. DEADLINE April 30, 2013.

While veggies are often center stage around here, fruit, herb and milk shares make a great supplement to your vegetable share. They are also fantastic stand-alone shares—and a local alternative to grocery shopping. Please read about the 2013 Share Options, then download and print a CSA contract and send it, along with your check made out to Sunnyside CSA, to the address on the contract.

Questions? Contact us!

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Download and print the Membership Contract: Sunnyside CSA 2013 Contract

*In the box

In the Box: Summer, Week #16

GEOF leeks
Leeks in the field! Image via GEOF

Veg Share*
Spaghetti Squash – 1 piece
Green Beans – 1 lb (Wow!)
Leeks – 1 bunch
Broccoli OR Zucchini – 1 head
Red Beets – 1 bunch
Red Tomatoes – 2 lb bag
*Contents of the share may fluctuate over the week.

Fruit Share
Gala Apples
Bosc Pears
(Notes on fruit: The apples should be stored in the refrigerator to keep them crisp. Bosc Pears should ripen outside the plastic bag. They will not be soft when ripe, just a little more golden in color. If you wait until they are soft, they will be rotten.)

Herb Share

Milk Not Jails Dairy Share
Weekly dairy share pick up

A few friendly reminders & updates:

Save the Date! CSA Harvest Festival – Sunday, October 14
Our farms annual Harvest Festival will be held on Sunday, October 14th from 11am-3pm. FREE for all CSA members and their families and invited guests.

Hayride Tours, Walking Tours, Cooking Demos, Live Music, Animal Shearing, Kids Events and lots more! Stay tuned for more details…

*In the box

In the Box: Summer, Week #6

Garlic drying in the barn. img via GEOF

Veg Share
Zucchini – several pieces
Cipollini Onions – 1 bunch
Red Beets – 1 bunch
Radicchio – 1 head
Carrots – 1 bunch
Broccoli -OR- Cabbage – 1 head
Magenta Lettuce – 1 head
Romaine Lettuce – 1 head

Fruit Share
Apricots – 1 bag
Gooseberries -OR- Blueberries – 1 pint

Herb Share

Milk Not Jails Share
Dairy share
Did you order ice cream? *ala carte item pick up is THIS WEEK*

Reminder: Early bird signup for Winter Sun Farms’ winter shares continues online. The total price is $137. Read more and sign up (right now!) online.

*In the box

In the Box: Summer, Week #4

Pea cover crop (img via GEOF)

Veg Share
Kohlrabi – 1 piece
Fennel – 1 piece
Carrots – 1 bunch
Cilantro – 1 bunch
Escarole – 1 head
Scallions – 1 bunch
Arugula – 1 bag
Green Romaine Lettuce – 1 head
Green Boston Lettuce – 1 head

Fruit Share
Red Currants – 1 pint

Herb Share
Starts this week!!

Milk Not Jails Share
If you have a dairy share this season, remember it is a weekly share, so pick up your dairy today too!

Reminder: Early bird signup for Winter Sun Farms’ winter shares are *this Thursday (June 21st)!* Bring your checkbooks. The total price is $137. Read more and sign up (right now!) online.