To sign up for these volunteer shifts:

  1. Go to our Volunteer Sign-ups page.
  2. Enter your email address & info for contact.
  3. Choose your shifts. SignUp.com will send you an automated confirmation and reminders.

Shift summaries are below. You can also click on the specific shift to read more details about what to do at each shift.

Summer Share members must volunteer a minimum of 4 hours / 2 shifts before the season ends.

Winter Share members must volunteer a minimum of 2 hours / 1 shift.

Our greatest volunteer needs are for the Meet the Truck Shift. All of the shifts are a wonderful opportunity to meet your neighbors and learn more about our CSA. We always need additional volunteers for other CSA events or for our special products. We will send volunteer calls as opportunities arise.

You can also fulfill your volunteer requirement by contributing your time in other ways: grant writing, archiving recipes / newsletters to the website, offering items and assistance for our fundraisers, like baked sales, raffles, etc. If you have other skills or ideas you’d like to share, please contact us. We’re open to all suggestions–this CSA is entirely volunteer organized and run!

Vegetable and Fruit Shifts

Click the links on each shift for complete instructions.

3:00-4:00, Meet The Truck– THIS SHIFT INVOLVES MANUAL LABOR. You will be meeting the farm delivery truck and bringing the boxes inside (you may get dirty). This shift is the shortest, and you can take your share home when you’re done.

4:30-6:15, Opening Vegetable Distribution – Set up tables, organize sign-in and manage the first half of distribution.

6:15-8:15, Closing Vegetable Distribution – Manage the second half of distribution, and clean up. This shift may involve very light manual labor putting things away.

For special events, volunteers may be in charge of raffles or other fundraisers for our subsidy program. Find out more about volunteer fundraiser shifts.

Lewis Waite Shifts

Lewis Waite shifts are similar to the fruit and vegetable, but you’ll need to sort individual groceries to ensure members get their complete order. This includes fish shares, when applicable.

Beer and Kombucha Shift

The Beer and Kombucha shifts need volunteers to count growlers and ensure each member leaves with their share.

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