CSA Volunteers

We’re all volunteers here! Learn more about the shifts that keep our CSA running smoothly.

How to Sign Up

Remember that our pickup site is entirely run by volunteers--thanks for your commitment to fulfilling shifts & helping out!

Choose your volunteer shifts early in the season to more easily find one that fits your schedule.

To sign up for your volunteer shifts:

1. Go to our Volunteer Signup page using the link below
2. Enter your email address & info for contact
3. Choose your shifts.
4. will send you an automated confirmation and reminders

Volunteer Agreement

In signing your CSA contract you agreed to volunteer for shifts during the season as follows:

1. Summer Share members must volunteer a minimum of 2 shifts
2. Winter Share members must volunteer a minimum of 1 shift

Please review the specific volunteer shift pages for detailed instructions and responsibilities for each time/type of shift.

You can also fulfill your volunteer shifts by contributing in other ways: grant writing, offering items for fundraisers, or joining the core group are just a few ideas. If you have other skills to share, please contact us. We’re open to all suggestions!

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