Special Product Shares

Summer/Fall Share Plans

See below for details about what is included, and prices, for each share type this summer.

Summer Shares are now open! A share is yours when the contract is filled out and shares paid in full. Click here to start

Fish Share

Monthly deliveries includes 3-4lbs of wild caught, North Atlantic fish in ~1 lb packages, frozen within 24 hrs. of being caught. Vacuum sealed & individually bagged. Species incl. Haddock, Cod, Scrod, Pollack, Monkfish, and Flounder. $250 for 6 monthly deliveries (includes a $9 CSA admin fee)

Beer Share

Monthly deliveries include 4 x 16-oz cans from Bridge and Tunnel, a small-scale craft brewery operating in Queens, New York. It was the first true garage based nano-brewery in New York City and has grown into a self-built 10 barrel system and tap room in Ridgewood, NY. $100 for 6 monthly deliveries (includes a $4 admin fee). 

Kombucha Share

Monthly deliveries include 4 x 16-oz cans of different flavor kombucha. Brewed in Queens by Bridge and Tunnel Brewery$87 for 6 monthly deliveries (includes a $3 admin fee). 

Mushroom Share

Bi-monthly deliveries (11 total) of 1/3lb of mushrooms each delivery, from Champlain Valley Mushrooms. Varieties include button mushrooms, lion’s mane and others, and typically last 2-3 weeks. $80 for a single variety each delivery, $154 for two varieties each delivery (includes a $3/5.50 admin fee).

Soap Share

Monthly delivery includes 2 bars from Backyard Bees. These soaps are handmade using local honey, beeswax, and other high quality ingredients. Plant-based oils with no animal fats; naturally scented with essential oils or fragrance free; eco-friendly. Bars are rustic slabs, approximately 4 oz in weight. $58 for 6 monthly deliveries (includes a $3 admin fee). 

Personal Care Share

Monthly delivery includes a selection of eco-friendly personal care items, 1-2 item per month (total of 8 items), from Backyard Bees. Items include unisex deodorant, shave bar (choose men or women), shampoo bar, lotion bar, lip balm/scrub combo, soap combo (one facial, one exfoliator). Plant-based, and free of aluminum, paragons and sulfates, in plastic-free packaging. $44 for 6 monthly deliveries (includes a $2 admin fee). 

Winter Share Plans (2017-18)

The Special Share this winter season is the Soap Share (see above). If you’d like to learn about the vegetable and fruit shares, click here. All shares consist of four deliveries. Thursday pick-up dates will be at Sunnyside Community Services.

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