4:30-6:30 Volunteer Shift Instructions

Things to note for this shift:

Start at 4:30
– A site coordinator will meet you inside the common area where the boxes have been left. In the event that they are not there, please begin the tasks below.

Uncover vegetable boxes
These should be stacked in the corner behind the hand rails and covered with a blue tarp. There may also be other sorts of shares there too. If a 2:15 volunteer took a half share, the remaining 1/2 share should be there with a note indicating the name for the other 1/2.

Set up supplies
-Knife and cutting board –  place on a table next to the Swap Box (use an empty veggie box)
-Pens and scratch paper –  for t1/2 share members to mark boxes
-Pick-up lists – Vegetables, fruits (and if applicable, soap)
-If there is a soap share, set it up at your table
Remember to initial by your name in the volunteer section on the top of the veggie pickup list.

Begin distribution at 5:00
-Work with the other volunteer to check off names, organize/clean as needed and distribute soap shares.
-For members splitting a share: Check off the share when the first member arrives. If they are leaving the second half, instruct them to label it with their partner’s name and leave to the side. Members who split are solely responsible for ensuring their partner gets an equal share.
-Throughout distribution: Keep the floor clean of scraps. There should be brooms and dustpans nearby. Make sure the empty boxes are folded and stacked on the hand truck. If there are any problems contact the site coordinator.

Wrap up your shift, 6:15-6:30
-Record any issues you encounter during your shift at the bottom of the pick-up lists. If the problem is with the veggie, fruit or soap shares, record the problem on the appropriate list.
-Hand over to the next set of volunteers that are replacing you (arriving at 6:15 pm). Pass on any special instructions or CSA news to them.

If there is a major problem, call the site coordinator. The number is on the top of every pickup list. Thank you for volunteering, we couldn’t do it without you!

Community Supported Agriculture in the 11104