4:30-6:30 Volunteer Shift Instructions

Thank you for volunteering at distribution, it’s volunteers like you make the CSA possible.

Please DO NOT be late; our members expect to be able to pick up their vegetables at 5pm.

If any members arrive before 5:00 pm, ask them to wait until you are ready.

If you are in charge of beer and kombucha, go here:

If you are in charge of Lewis Waite items, go here:

If you are in charge of the raffle, go here:

You will meet one of our site coordinators inside the common area of Sunnyside Community Services at 4:30pm. In the event that they are not there, please begin the tasks below.

4:30 – Uncover vegetable boxes – There should be boxes with vegetable shares stacked in the corner behind the hand rails and covered with our blue tarp. There may also be other sorts of shares around, too. If a 2:15 volunteer took a half share, the remaining 1/2 share should be there with a note indicating the name on the share.

Supplies are in the CSA tote bag – Remove knife and cutting board and place on one of the available tables. Pens and scratch paper should be available for the 1/2 share members as well. There should be a veggie pickup list. There will also be a fruit pickup list (end of July – November), and, once a month, a soap pickup list.

Don’t forget to initial by your name in the volunteer section on the top of the veggie pickup list.

There should be a paper from the farm listing the week’s veg and fruit share contents. Please post it so the members can see it.

Setup the tote bag and a tote bag flyer so that members can see they are for sale. If people do not have bags to put their shares in and want to take a box, it is okay if they take it, but offer them a tote bag instead. Every dollar raised goes right into our subsidy program. There should be a manila envelope with a tote count on it. Put all money into the envelope and update the count with each sale.

Once a month, setup the soap share in your area. Put the totes and soaps on the table with the pickup lists.

Decide which volunteer will distribute the soap, sell the totes and check people in, and which will organize distributing the fruit, veggie and 1/2 shares. You can trade off as desired.

Empty boxes go on the hand truck – Make sure the hand truck is not blocking a doorway so you can begin stacking the empty vegetable boxes.

Ask the site coordinator if there is anything new or exciting happening with the CSA, or if there is anything you need to know.

5:00 – Begin distribution – Your primary responsibility is to check off members and then help them to retrieve their share(s). For vegetable and fruit shares, one person can help retrieve the bags and boxes, while the other checks people in. Please hand the soap shares to the soap shareholders and discourage people from picking those bags up on their own. Likewise, please hand the totes over after receiving payment, putting it in the manila envelope and recording the new total # of bags.

For members who are splitting a share, you will check off the share when the first shareholder arrives. If they will leave 1/2 of the share for their partner to pick up later, instruct them to label the 1/2 share with their partner’s name, and leave it under the tables. Those members who are splitting a share are solely responsible for ensuring that their partner gets an equal share.

Throughout distribution – Keep the floor clean of scraps. There should be brooms and dustpans nearby. Make sure the empty boxes are neatly stacked on the hand truck. If there are any problems contact the site coordinator.

6:00-6:15 – Record any issues you encounter during your shift at the very bottom of the pickup lists. If the problem is with the veggie, fruit or soap shares, record the problem on the appropriate list.

Hand over to the next crew – a new set of volunteers will arrive by 6:15 pm to replace you. Pass on any special instructions or news to them.

If there is a major problem, call the site coordinator. The number is on the top of every pickup list. Thank you for volunteering! We couldn’t do it without you!

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