4:30-6:30 Volunteer Shift Instructions

4:30-6:30 Volunteer Shift

This shift readies everything for pickup, and helps members receive the correct shares.

Please be on time, so that Pick Up can begin promptly at 5:00.

Arrive at 4:30

When you arrive, please begin the prep tasks below. The site coordinator will typically meet with you in the pickup area, and will let you know if there is any CSA news to share with members.

Remember to initial by your name in the volunteer section on the top of the veggie pickup list. If you are in charge of Lewis Waite items, read here for instructions.

Prep the pickup area

Uncover boxes if they’ve been covered. There may be ½ or full shares that were already picked up by the 3:00 shifts. Set up supplies:

  • Knife and cutting board
  • Swap Box (use an empty veggie box)
  • Pens and scratch paper –  for 1/2 share members to mark boxes
  • Pick-up lists 
  • If there is a soap share leave it at your table to hand out
  • If you are collecting money for fundraisers and raffles, keep an envelope clearly marked. For raffles, tickets are stored in the basement with the other supplies.

Begin distribution at 5:00

For members splitting a share, check off the share when the first member arrives. If they only pick up half they need to mark the remainder with the name of their partner. Members who split are solely responsible for ensuring their partner gets an equal share.

Make sure empty boxes are folded and stacked on the hand truck.

Keep the floor clean of scraps using the brooms and dustpans nearby.

Wrap up your shift, 6:15-6:30

Record any issues/notes from your shift at the bottom of the appropriate pickup list.

Inform the next volunteer shift of any issues, news or special instructions they may need to know.

If there is a major problem, call the site coordinator at any point. The number is on the top of every pickup list. Thank you for volunteering, we couldn’t do it without you!

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