Vegetable & Fruit Shares

Vegetables & Fruit

Read about our main share options, including pricing for summer and winter.

Summer Vegetable

This is Sunnyside CSA’s main share, and runs for 25 weeks. Each week is an assortment of seasonal, organic vegetables from Golden Earthworm Organic Farm (usually 6-10 different kinds each week).
2020 pricing: $620 for 25 weeks (includes a $22 CSA admin fee)

Summer Fruit

The tree fruit share runs for 14 weeks, and starts about a month later than the veggies. Receive weekly deliveries from Briermere Farms with 3-4 pounds of minimally treated apples, peaches, and pears each delivery. (Because of our geographic location this fruit is not officially organic, though the farm strives to grow it as organically as possible.)
2020 pricing: $96 for 14 weeks (includes a $4 admin fee)

Winter Vegetable

Each delivery is about a months supply of in-season vegetables from Garden of Eve Farm. While contents depend on availability, they usually include: potatoes, watermelon radish, purple top turnips, parsnips, rutabaga, carrots, beets, leeks, winter squash and cabbage. Depending on weather, the first box may include greens from the fields.
2020 pricing: $338 (includes $5 membership fee and $3 admin fee)

Winter Add-ons

2020 Pricing for full 6 deliveries
Garden of Eve
Fruit Share $90
Beer Share $85.74
Cheese Share $120
Egg share $42.84

Lewis Waite
Mushrooms $81
Tea $57
Meat $276
Fish $241

Cooldown Juice

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