Sunnyside CSA 2014 Sign Ups

February 4th, 2014 — 11:55pm

We know the big question on everyone’s mind is- when can I sign up for a CSA share? The answer is: You can sign up NOW!

SIGN UP for Special Product Shares – Summer 2014 SEASON (Deadline: April 25th)

Vegetable shares for the Summer 2014 SEASON are SOLD OUT. To be added to our wait list, please sign-up via webform here.

Looking for a share partner?

If so, post a message on our facebook page (or respond to posts already on there). If you don’t have facebook, Contact Us and we’ll post it for you!

What Can I sign up for?

As of right now, you can sign up for any of our several share plans except the vegetable share, which has sold out. Some, like the kombucha, egg, and ferments shares, have limited numbers and are first-come, first-serve, so if you’re interested in one, don’t delay.  You can view the share plans here.

What if I can’t afford this?

If you want to eat better but are having some financial trouble, don’t worry- we can help. Read more about our Subsidized Share Program.

How do I sign up for my volunteer shift?

We will send an email to current members when the Summer/Autumn 2014 Season volunteer shift calendar is activated. Then, all members will be required to sign up for their volunteer shifts by September 15th, 2014. If you are wondering what your volunteer shift will be like, take a look at our Volunteer Info Page.


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You Need Mead!

April 15th, 2014 — 1:55pm

The Village Voice even says so. Check out this great profile of our wine share vendor, Raphael Lyon of Enlightenment Wine in Ulster County.

By the way, I emailed Raphael to ask him about the shelf life of the mead. I’m the only one in my house who will be drinking it, and as a mom of two I don’t think I should be polishing off a whole bottle with my dinner. So I wanted to know if it would last for a few days, or if it would go flat like Champagne or prosecco. He wrote:

“My meads, while natural (I don’t use sulfites) actually are surprisingly stable- more so than grape wines. A week in the fridge should be fine for any bottle. Some can survive for much longer without much noticeable change. I think honey based alcohol is just more stable for some reason.”

I’m looking forward to (slowly) drinking up!

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Egg Shares–Limited Quantity Available

April 11th, 2014 — 7:41pm

We have a limited number of weekly or biweekly egg shares available from Tello’s Green Farm, located in Red Hook, NY. Tello’s is a certified naturally grown farm dedicated to providing you with rich eggs from healthy, happy chickens. Originally a Veterinarian in his home country of Columbia, Nestor Tello gives his hens a natural diet, plenty of space to roam and peck and never uses any chemicals or antibiotics. You can see and taste the difference.

Read interviews with Tello here, and here.

Signups are open now and will close when we reach the capped number of shares. Sign up today!

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Enlightenment Wines–Unique and Exceptional

April 9th, 2014 — 7:28pm

We’re so excited to be able to offer all of you shares in Enlightenment Wines. Once a month, you’ll pick up a bottle or two of specialty wine and mead. Enlightenment Wines is currently bottling some amazing stuff, including the brand new “Floralia,” a wildflower honey mead infused with lavender, juniper and marjoram. It’s absolutely beautiful to taste and to look at.

Learn more and sign up today!

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Lewis Waite–New Products, Sale Items & Order Deadlines

March 28th, 2014 — 4:14pm

Planning your menu for Passover or Easter? Check out Lewis Waite’s myriad offerings to make your holiday–or everyday–table one to remember. Place your order by April 3 for pick up on Thursday, April 8.

Pork kielbasa is back in stock, and perhaps it brings with it better weather for grilling!

Strafford Organic Creamery has new flavors of ice cream in stock. In addition to vanilla, chocolate and coffee, they now have sweet guernsey cream, ginger, wintermint, coconut almond and strawberry.

Yoder Farm is offering another flavor of apple sauce and ‘live’ apple cider vinegar for sipping. (Did you know America’s Test Kitchen just put out a gluten-free cookbook? I bring it up mainly because the first recipe I tried was an applesauce cake that had all my gluten-loving friends licking the crumbs off their plates. I bet it would be even better with higher quality applesauce than the supermarket brand I used.)

On sale: horseradish chevre and maple walnut chevre from Nettle Meadow Dairy, which would taste delicious tossed with some roasted beets (if you have any leftover from the last share box of the season). And jazz up your scrambled eggs or nachos with lacto-fermented hot sauce from Hawthorne Valley Farm–you can feel the burn and heal your gut at the same time.

The Shepherd Herb Spice Blend from Teeny Tiny Spice Co. is also on sale this month and it would really pair well with lamb. I also love it in this recipe for grain-free salmon cakes. I use about a tablespoon. I also use leeks instead of chives, because they get nice and crispy while frying. These salmon cakes are good hot and even better cold, for easy lunch leftovers that travel well.

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Special Products Shares Announced!

March 27th, 2014 — 3:21pm

We have added a whole bunch of new special products for the 2014 season! I’m talking kombucha, fermented foods, wine, and eggs–plus, we’re bringing back the ever popular dairy, fish, beer, and herb shares.

In addition, Lewis Waite Farms has created share plans for all kinds of different products, including bread, organ meats, cheese, meat, and more. You can always order a la carte from Lewis Waite, but if you’d like them to do the work for you, sign up for a share plan.

All of the details and a link to the sign up form can be found on our new Special Products page. You may never need to go to the grocery store again!

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Subsidy Program Deadline April 8th

March 25th, 2014 — 6:02am
Sunnyside CSA Subsidy Program

Sunnyside CSA Subsidy Program

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Winter Shares, Week 5 (3/13/14)

March 12th, 2014 — 9:22pm

Happy March Everyone! This will be the final Winter Share delivery. What next?! Sign up for the Summer/Autumn 2014 season! Right now, you can sign up for vegetable and fruit shares, and very soon, you will be able to sign up for special product shares.

Golden Earthworm Share
Watermelon Radish
White or Yellow Potatoes
Sweet potatoes

Bremiere Apple Share

Bremiere Cider Share

Winter Sun Share
Sweet Corn (16 oz.)
Green Beans (12 oz.)
Edamame (12 oz.)
Diced Peppers (12 oz.)
Blueberries (8 oz.)
Tomato Puree (24 oz. jar)
Fresh Pea Shoots

Village Fishmonger Fish Share

Big aLICe Beer Share

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Subsidized Shares–Apply Now!

March 1st, 2014 — 9:33pm

We are currently accepting applications for our 2014 Summer Vegetable Shares.

The subsidized share program is a way to make fresh, organic, local produce available to those with limited incomes. Every year, we sell 15 vegetable shares at half price to those who qualify. Anyone can apply for a subsidized share; all applications are then reviewed anonymously by our board, which will award the 15 shares to the most qualified applicants. The enrollment period typically runs from January through March; the vegetable share itself runs June through November (one box each week for 26 weeks.)

The first step in applying to the subsidy program is to join our yahoo group, so you can begin receiving our informational newsletters. If we are in an enrollment period, download an application and send it in! Applications are due March 15th:





Membership Details

Members with subsidized shares have the same benefits, responsibilities, and risks as the general CSA membership. Please read our CSA Details page and become familiar with what Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is all about.

• The regular cost of a 2014 Summer Vegetable Share is $548, but if you qualify for a subsidized share, your cost is only $274.

• Subsidized shares do not have to be paid all at once. If you qualify for a share, your initial payment is $49. Then, from July – November, your monthly payment will be $45.

• You will receive a full share of produce for the entire CSA summer season. This is a box of organic, freshly picked vegetables delivered to our drop-off site every week between June and November. Each box carries an assortment of vegetables, according to the season. Members can pick up their boxes at SCS Thursdays between 5 and 8pm.

• You must fulfill the volunteer requirement. This usually means working 4 hours (two shifts) per season at our pickups. Without volunteers, our program cannot run.

• You assume the rewards and risks of the growing season. Some seasons produce more food; other seasons are affected by erratic weather. Our farmers do the best job they can, and we support them no matter what happens.

The following video explains our program well (the prices quoted in the video may be slightly out of date. Sorry!)


Subsidy FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact the Subsidized Share Coordinator via email: subsidy [at] or Contact Us. Please allow at least one day for a response.

How much does a subsidized share cost?
Subsidized shares are half the cost of a full share. The regular cost of a 2013 Summer Vegetable Share (1 box each week for 26 weeks, June-Novemeber) is $573, but if you qualify for a subsidized share, your cost is only $274.

What if I can’t pay the cost of a subsidized share all at once when signing up?
We have a payment plan available. If you qualify for a subsidized share, your initial payment is $49. Then, from July – November, your monthly payment will be $45.

What happens if I apply for a subsidized share, but do not qualify? Can I still buy a vegetable share at the regular cost?
Yes, the process has been arranged so that those who do not qualify, but would still like to purchase a share at full cost, will be able to do so.

Do you offer a subsidized winter share?
At the moment, folks with a subsidized summer share have the option of signing up for a subsidized winter share.

If I have a subsidized share, can I also order products from Lewis Waite Farm, or have additional product shares (such as fruit, tomatoes, etc?)
Yes. Subsidized share members can order items from Lewis Waite Farm and pay for additional product shares (but at a full cost, of course.)

Are additional product shares (such as fruit or herbs) subsidized, too?
We are working on subsidized some of our other products, so if you’re interested in that, contact our subsidy coordinator!

Do I have to be a resident of Sunnyside to be a subsidy member?
No, you do not have to be a resident of Sunnyside. Many of our members are from neighboring communities.

Is my information kept confidential?
Absolutely all subsidy applications are kept strictly confidential. Only the subsidy coordinator has access to the application information. Sunnyside CSA does not sell any information submitted.


Subsidized Share Budget at a Glance

In case you’re wondering how we pay for our subsidized shares, here’s a handy chart. Basically, all of the money comes from CSA members via fees, donations, or fundraisers!


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Lewis Waite–New Products!

March 1st, 2014 — 9:28pm

Lewis Waite has added some new offerings! There’s still time to order for the March 11th Delivery. You do not need to have a winter CSA share to order meat, eggs, cheese, yogurt, grains, legumes, lacto-fermented goodies, and now mushrooms. Just visit the Lewis Waite website and follow the instructions to open an account with the Sunnyside CSA.

Order deadlines:
Cheese & Dairy Products: March 4, Midnight
Everything Else: March 6th, Midnight

Mushroom Men @ Mariaville Farm (Delanson, NY)

The owner(s) are Bobby Chandler and the Chandler Family
Mariaville Farm is owned and operated by the Chandler Family (Bob, Chris, John, Billy, Bobby and Allie). Our Farm is located in Schenectady County. All the animals are pasture raised and have free choice of forage. We never use antibotics or hormones. Younger generation Booby left life as a pharmacist to both help on his family’s farm and homestead, and to develop a fresh and dried mushroom business. He offers dried Mushroom Teas and seasoning shakers. Locally raised, organically managed but not certified yet. They focus on the medicinal aspects of the mushrooms they grow. Mushroom teas are hard to find. All mushrooms are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor and auto-immune boosters. They are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Strafford Organic Creamery (Strafford, VT)

The owner(s) are Earl Ransom and Amy Huyffer
Centered at Rock Bottom Farm in Shelburne, VT, Strafford Dairy produces a pure, old fashioned ice cream. Strafford’s line of ice cream is made in small batches, one day each week. They wouldn’t dream of blending their cows’ cream with anything but the highest-quality organic ingredients. They separate fresh eggs by hand, handpick the mint and black raspberries, grind the coffee just before brewing it into the milk and basically work their tails off to make the best ice cream on the planet. NO CARRAGEENAN or artificial ingredients. Rock Bottom Farm in Strafford, Vermont is home to Strafford Organic Creamery. Owner, Earl Ransom grew up milking cows on this 600-acre farm. He and his wife, Amy Huyffer, carry on his family’s tradition of managing the land organically, with no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. With mostly Guernsey cows, their herd of 50 grazes on rotational pastures for the entire growing season. Guernsey cows are known for their rich, yellow cream; their butterfat carries the color and flavor of their feed better than that of other breeds. Everything done at Strafford Organic Creamery, from the crops they grow for them to the gentle routines of milking, is focused on the cows’ comfort and well-being, and helping them create super-tasty milk and cream.

Yoder Farm (Danby , VT)

The owner(s) are Ryan & Rachel Yoder
We met the Yoders at the Dorset Market in Vermont. Ryan and Rachel Yoder Farm grow beans, chickens, popcorn (we already offer the popcorn), and apple products (among other things). They are a small family farm committed to ecologically sound agriculture. Ryan travels the area restoring old apple orchards, provided he can harvest the apples. They make Apple Butter, Apple Sauce, Apple Ketchup, and live Apple Cider. The base of operations is Smokey House Center, a nonprofit whose mission is education, agriculture and conservation. They are not certified organic because their apples come from all over Vermont. The product is labeled with which farm the apples came from if possible. No preservatives or chemical ingredients.

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Winter Sun–Sale on Tomato Puree and Frozen Blueberries

March 1st, 2014 — 9:21pm

Winter Sun is also having a sale on blueberries and tomato puree. Blueberries are 10 bags for $30 and tomato puree is 12 jars for $45 or 4 jars for $16. Orders must be placed through the web store by the evening of Monday, March 10th.


We have five Thursday, 5-8pm pick up dates this winter (not to be confused with the Tuesday Lewis Waite Farm pickups!) They are: December 19, January 9, January 30, February 20, March 13.

You can now order a la carte items to be picked up on any of these dates. Setting up your account is a little confusing, so follow these steps and you’ll be fine:

1- Go here:

2- Scroll down and select Sunnyside as your location.

3- Hit NEXT

4- Add the GUEST WEBSTORE ACCESS option (it’s the only thing you can add) and hit NEXT

5- Choose what payment plan you want (in full, or in two payments) and hit NEXT.

6- Create or login to your account. Please note: WInter Sun Farms uses a site called Farmigo to run their store. Farmigo happens to be what Village Fishmonger uses for the fish share, too. If you already have a Farmigo account (either through the fish share or some other place) you don’t need to create a new account, just log in- however, you can’t access your Village Fishmonger account through your Winter Suns account or vice versa. So you have one master Farmigo account, but you log into different food vendors separately. Makes sense?

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