Lewis Waite Only Delivery–May 12

The winter veggie shares may be finished but Lewis Waite carries on! Order raw milk cheese by Tuesday May 5 and everything else by Thursday May 7th for delivery at Sunnyside Community Services from 5pm-8pm on Thursday, May 12th.

They’d also love for your to fill out the short survey here.

Product Updates:

3 Corner Field Farm: Sheep milk products are back in production. Paul told us all the lambs seemed to come at once, keeping Karen hopping from ewe to ewe. Overall it was a great lambing season, and she is happy to be back in the cheese room making sheep milk yogurt, fresh cheeses, and of course, new batches of her hard cheeses to start aging.

Beth’s Farm Kitchen: Your favorite jam makers have been featured on the Food Networks’s Farmhouse Kitchen show. Now everyone knows how delicious and versatile quality jams, jellies and chutneys can be. Check out their recipe for Sage-Rubbed Chicken with Spicy Peach Glaze using Beth’s Farm Kitchen’s own peach jam and red pepper jelly. Try your own with a pastured raised Mack Brin whole chicken, which happen to be on sale this month!

Duck Eggs: we now have an additional farm offering fresh duck eggs. Laughing Stock farm in located in Cambridge NY. Lincoln Bridge and Helen McIntosh put enormous amounts of love and care in the poultry farm, where their chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese pasture together in open fields and roost in re-purposed campers and school bus. The ducks eat a nature foraged diet that is supplemented seasonally with locally grown GMO-free grain.

Battenkill Brittle: With warm weather comes fun outdoor activities that keep us moving all day long. Battenkill Brittle is loaded with energy that lasts. Developed by avid cyclist Leslie Kielson, she was looking for an energy food that wasn’t loaded with chemicals and satisfied her hunger without weighing her down, so she and her partner developed Battenkill Brittle.

Lewis Waite Farm: We are running low on our regular ground beef. It might be time for you to give the Bull meat a try! It’s lean, full of flavor, and tastes great. Our office staff agrees that it is not gamey at all, great in dishes or as burgers.

Sugar Mill Farm: Sugaring season is wrapping up around here and Sugar Mill Farm is fully stocked with Maple Syrup. When placing your order keep in mind that there are new grading and labeling guidelines. All this means is, same great syrup with a new name. Dark Amber is now called “Dark Robust Taste”. Grade – A medium which is also available is now called “Amber Rich Taste”. You can read the product descriptions for the ‘formerly known as’ old terminology. If you want former Grade B or cooking syrup, simply request Very Strong Taste!

Mack Brin Farms: We are having a sale on Mack Brin whole chickens and liver to make room for new inventory. There is nothing like a roasted pastured chicken. You can make 3 meals from one roast chicken, with a little creativity. Leftovers from the first meal make chicken salad, chicken tacos or chicken sandwich, and the bones will make you a healthy, nutritious soup or stock. Nothing goes to waste with a whole bird.

Nettle Meadow: Kunik, a soft semi-aged cheese is on sale as it reaches its “ripening” date. This light creamy cheese tastes stronger and more dynamic as it ages. For people who like “stinky” cheese, this Kunik is in its prime! Get it while it lasts, as the sale only lasts until we restock.

Be sure to check out our Specials in Shop by Product for deals on great local food – take a chance and try something new!

Lewis Waite Order Deadline–April

Did you know Lewis Waite offers coffee, tee, and spices in addition to eggs, dairy, and meat? Last month I tried the Fire Cider and I swear it kept that tickle in my nose from turning into a full blown cold.

Order deadlines for delivery on April 14th:
Raw milk cheese by Tuesday April 7th
Everything else by Thursday, April 9th

Order here

Product Updates

New vendors Gardenworks, Fior D’Italia, Sugarloaf, and Taking Root Teas and Apothecary were a huge hit last month – thanks for giving them a try! Feedback is always welcome – it’s how we improve! They have all expressed their gratitude for your support and interest in their ventures. It’s a great community to be a part of.

This month we will have some goat milk Parmesan from the Homestead Artisans at Longview Farm! We hope more goat dairy products will become available as the spring creeps in.

3 Corner Field Farm: is breaking from producing fresh products during lambing season. Karen often spends the whole night in a lawn chair in the lambing barn, just to be on hand if there is a problem with her girls. There will be no Sheep Milk Yogurt, Brebis Blanche, or Brebis buttons for this delivery. Aged cheeses and lamb are still available.

Argyllshire Farm: Barbara is running a special on lamb breast. These are on the bone, kind of like a cross between a brisket and a sparerib. Great for stews, just remove the bone when the meat falls off, or try a low and slow cook like spareribs or beef back ribs.

Berle Farm: is back! Beatrice is making yogurt again, a sure sign of spring! These quarts of cow milk yogurt are certified organic, thick and creamy, with a layer of cream on top. MMM MMM Good! It’s an office favorite, and we can’t wait to run down and pick a few cases. We’ll share, don’t worry…but order soon!

Beth’s Farm Kitchen: We’re making the trip down to GEM Farms for buffalo, which means a stop along the highway to our meet up spot with Beth’s team. It’s so sweet that they go out of their way to keep our costs low by saving us on shipping. Logistically complicated, but worth it to save you the extra costs. We’ll have Strawberry Jam, Black Raspberry, and of course, Hudson Valley Ketchup.

Cascun Farm: will restock us with half-chickens! We’ll also get in more Free Bird Chicken breast and thighs.

Hawthorne Valley Farm: we restocked on our last trip down to NYC, where we met them at the
Inwood Market. We have plenty of Plain Sauerkraut, as well as the flavors. No curry for the moment.

Farmer Ground Flour: Greg will be grinding up a fresh batch of flour for us – we’ll have tasty Polenta, fresh stone ground All Purpose flour, and Half White/European brown flour.

Fior D’Italia: will be bringing more Wild Mushroom Lasagna, Tomato Basil sauce, and raviolis. Vic says his Eggplant Parmesan shouldn’t be missed, and we’ll have that available for ordering this month as well.

Gardenworks: More organically managed frozen blueberries and raspberries on the way. A perfect addition to your morning yogurt, pancakes, or smoothie!

Lewis Waite Farm: has new pork! It was a long wait, and we thank you for your patience! Chops, roasts, bacon – all already flying out the door. Log on early to get yours! We did raise our pork prices, as over winter feeding of the expensive non-GMO feed has caught up to us, and kelp and processing prices are also on the rise.

Lucy Jo’s Coffee Roastery: is working on some new flavors, and we’ll get those listings completed as we get the information. The new industrial grinder makes grinding the beans a breeze, they report. Thanks for your support!

Washington County Farm: We’re having a blowout sausage sale! Perfect for the last chili of the season, or the first grilling (if it ever warms up!!). The breakfast sausage isn’t just for breakfast – Nancy’s sister Judy loves it in Lasagna or red sauce, as its peppery bite adds something special and little different than the Italian sausages. Try mixing the Sweet Italian sausage with ground beef for great burgers or meatloaf.

West River Creamery: Jane is raising her prices for the first time in years. With all the added costs that seem to pile up with a little extra here and there, this price increase seems overdue. She also has her Equinox cheese back in stock, and we got some pork, garlic, and parmesan sausages in.

Yoder Farm: Ryan has let us know he’s out of all beans except the black turtle! What we have now is all we will have until fall harvest. We are talking to Cayuga Pure Organics, and expect to get a delivery of their beans and grains (yes, they are fully recovered from the fire) to last us through the summer. Ryan also has a new Saratoga apple sauce made from spi-gold apples, which he feels is the best sauce yet.

In the Box March 10

In this month’s frozen share, most members* can look forward to:
– Sweet Corn
– Collard Greens
– Broccoli
– Green Beans
– Blueberries
– Tomato Puree
– Fresh pea shoots
*Share items can vary by site

Root vegetables:
Winter squash
Arugula (Continental Organics, New Windsor, NY)
Bibb lettuce (Continental Organics, New Windsor, NY

Lewis Waite Order Deadline

Place Lewis Waite orders here.

Order raw milk cheese by Tuesday 3/3, everything else by Thursday 3/5 for delivery at the Tuesday 3/10 pickup.


Fior D’Italia: (Frozen Pastas)

For over 20 years Fior D’Italia has been creating artisanal pasta, sauces, and frozen entrees. Straight from Italy to our headquarters in Vermont, and now in the homes of discriminating buyers, we take classic pasta making techniques from Italy and put a modern twist on them to provide the best of both the old and new worlds.
For chef and owner, Victor “Vic” Tirrito, Italian cuisine truly is in his blood having grown up in the food business with his immigrant grandparents and parents. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Vic trained in some of the finest kitchens in New York and New England, and eventually opened Fior D’Italia in 1987 in beautiful Manchester Center, Vermont. Known as “The Pastaman,” Vic’s big personality makes him a popular figure in New England at farmers markets and other events.
Today, Vic uses his family’s 100-year old recipes as a foundation to create over 50 varieties of Ravioli and some of the country’s best gluten-free pasta.

Gardenworks: (frozen Raspberries and Blueberries)

Gardenworks is a family farm, a greenhouse, a food market, a berry patch, a flower field, an art gallery, a bakery and a gift shop located in Salem, NY. In 1911 Grandpa McEachron purchased MacClan Farm where he increased the dairy herd and raised chickens. After graduating from Cornell, his youngest son, Harold, expanded the farm to include more than 200 cows and 50,000 chickens. Yes, 50,000! This explains the cluster of white chicken houses and the endless red dairy barns you see at Gardenworks today.
As times, markets & abilities changed, the farm transitioned to specialty crops including blueberries, raspberries, pumpkins and Christmas trees. In 1992, Meg returned to the farm and extended the seasons with fresh & dried flowers as well as a complete Christmas Shop.
Now in the 22nd year, Gardenworks farms more than 12 acres, has a greenhouse full of annuals & perennials and the dairy barn hosts a market place offering local cheeses, meats, organic vegetables & baked goods from the farm kitchen. “As we plant our crops, we strive to create the best growing conditions so that the plants thrive and require little pest control. We mulch, irrigate and monitor. We harvest the quality you want on your table.”

Sugarloaf Farm: (Raw Milk Cheese)

Sugarloaf Farm is located in Fort Ann, New York, 20 minutes from Lake George and 10 minutes from Glens Falls. Owned and operated by John and Stacey Batchelder, Sugarloaf Farm is a small, family run farm. “We milk between 4 and 8 Holstein cows throughout the year for the sole purpose of making aged raw milk cheese. We are small batch, artisan cheese makers and only use quality ingredients in our cheese. We use natural ingredients in our flavored cheeses, and no added coloring. Our cheese is white because milk is white.”

“Our grass fed cows live in a low stress environment and are milked for quality, not quantity. A few months after calving our cows are milked once/day. Since we do the bulk of our cheese making in winter months, this reduces stress on the cows and gives them more energy for keeping warm.”

Caroline (from the Lewis Waite office and cheese aficionado) vends with Stacey at the Sunday market in Saratoga Springs, and is a big fan of Sugarloaf’s cheese.

Taking Root Teas and Apothecary:

Taking Root Teas & Apothecary offers hand crafted herbal remedies to support health and well-being through nature based care. Founded in 2013 by clinical herbalist Lani Courtney, products are prepared with herbs mostly grown in her Vermont garden or wild harvested from local wild flora. All other ingredients are sourced organically grown, either locally or from suppliers that stand by Taking Root’s mission for the highest quality and sustainability. By using the freshest ingredients, and creating blends with the most effective traditional and scientific methods, Taking Root best represents the benefits that herbal teas & products have to offer.

Nancy met Lani at the Farmer’s Market in Dorset, VT, and has been sampling the products for a few months. We are very happy she was willing to come on board with Lewis Waite CSA Extras.

That Big Ol’ Squash…

…has been mocking me from the recesses of my fridge. I don’t know why I am afraid of it, I really don’t. And then today I found this recipe for Baked Risotto with Winter Squash and I feel a renewed sense of purpose. I’m planning to serve with with some Applegate Farms sausages. Sadly Fresh Direct doesn’t have any leeks so I’m going to sub some shallots. I may caramelize some onions as well to throw on top since we are wheat free. I’ll let you know!


Open House, Annual Survey, Spring Sign Ups!

It just takes a few minutes to fill out, and it’s the only way we can tell what you loved and hated about the previous season. If you have any opinion on the food we get, the methods we use, or ways to improve our CSA, speak up! Please fill out the survey here, anytime before February 8th.

The reason for that deadline is so that we can tally the results and present them to you at our

On Tuesday, February 10th, from 7 to 9 pm, we’ll host our annual Open House at Sunnyside Community Services. If you’ve never been to this, it’s an exciting kick-off to our new season, and includes:
• A State-of-the-Farm report and Q&A with our beloved farmers!
• Survey results (and a chance to ask any questions you’ve been wondering about!)
• Food samples from all our share partners (such as Lewis Waite Farm & Milk, Not Jails). Try the food, talk to our partners!
• A 2015 fruit share raffle. That’s right, you can win an entire season’s worth of fruit, and the proceeds help fund our subsidized share program! (Learn more about our subsidy program at the Open House.)

And probably the most popular reason to attend…

Yup, if you want a summer vegetable, fruit, dairy, (or other) share, this is your chance. We will be opening the signups to everybody a few weeks later, but, as you know, they sell out quickly. Come to the open house and ensure yourself a spot!

You’re probably wondering what shares we’re offering this year. We’re still in the process of finalizing that, though the veggie and fruit shares are basically the same as last year. Stay tuned for another email with share plan details, prices, and a link to the contract.

In the meantime, we’re looking for a couple of volunteers to help with the signups, preferably with a laptop (though if you don’t own one but can still help, please do so!) Sign up for that date via our volunteer spot calendar.

And finally- we’re looking for a few good folks to join the core group. If you want to take a more active role in the direction of the CSA, this is your chance. If you’re interested in become a site manager, you will receive a FREE half-share for the season- a pretty sweet way to help our CSA succeed! If you’re interested, let us know at the Open House, or email us here!

Lewis Waite Order Deadline

Order raw milk cheese by Tuesday 1/27 and everything else by Thursday 1/29 for delivery on Tuesday 2/3. Everything you need to order can be found here.

Farm Network Updates:

3 Corner Field Farm: Karen is offering a rare special for February and March on her aged sheep milk cheese including Frere Fumant (smoked cheese), Battenkill Brebis, and Brebis Bleu! If you have not tried these gourmet cheeses yet, do your mouth a favor and take advantage of the sale on these award winning cheeses!
Here’s Karen Weinberg on developing her cheese business and farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv1FswhNwbE

Argyllshire Lamb: Barbara brought over some more lamb stew kabobs to keep us warm on these cold winter nights. She’s also still running a special on 100% grass fed lamb Loin Chops.

Berle Farm: Beatrice has dried off her cows, so no more yogurt for a few months. Sad sigh. We can still get the thick Sheep Milk Yogurt from 3 Corner Field Farm, but no cow yogurt until Beatrice’s ladies start calving in the spring. We hope to have it in March, but our deliveries are early in the month, so we are not making promises.

Cascun/FreeBird: Sorry we ran low on chicken last month, but we’ll have plenty in for the February delivery.

Cowbella Dairy: Hooray! Dave and Shannon are sending some butter our way, from their Jersey herd. We will pick up some more Kefir, as well, and, to help us sell it and you save more, we’ll be offering a set of 6 in mixed flavors for a reduced rate. We’ll take requests as to included flavors as our inventory allows.

Grazin’ Acres Farm: just restocked their freezers with their Heritage breed, pasture raised pork. Order earlier to get tenderloin or to try the Canadian bacon. Belly bacon, shoulder bacon and jowl bacon also available.

Kriemhild Dairy: New item! Unsalted Meadow Butter rolls in a 1 pound size. Wrapped in paper, no plastic tubs. We also restocked on the 8 oz size tubs as Bruce passed by Albany this weekend.

Lewis Waite Farm: We’ll have just a little pork in this month. Please see the note from the farm for more information.

Oliver’s Organic Eggs: Oliver can only meet us once before the delivery week in the winter, usually the Monday of delivery week – if you missed out on organic eggs in January, get your orders in early for February. Once we sell out, that’s all she wrote, folks. We can get more local, non-organic eggs from neighboring farms, but not many around us sell certified organic eggs.

Stonewood Farm: Stonewood Farm has raised their prices slightly, and we have had to follow suit. The good news is that the dark ground turkey is back in stock! Annnnnd…We are having a sale on whole turkeys. Be sure to check our our Specials section this month, we have quite a few products on sale.

Washington County Farm: We are having a sale on sausage! Sweet and Hot Italian, and Eagle Bridge’s delicious breakfast sausage recipe (that’s the same seasoning as Lewis Waite and Grazin’ Acres). It’s not just for breakfast, so try this peppery flavor in your red sauces, egg dishes, and with a pile of greens, too! Makes a great lasagna, according to Nancy’s sister Judy.

West River Creamery: Cambridge with Chipotle back in stock! Also, we’ve made the move to only offering the 1/2 pound pieces, since they are more frequently sold than the 1 pound pieces. Please order multiple ½ pound pieces for your full pound. If you wanted a 1 lb piece, order early, write us a note, and we might be able to accommodate.
We are also getting in more of Jane’s wonderful (Iceberg Farm) lamb sausage with red wine, rosemary, and feta, along with her pork, garlic, and parmesan. There has been a price increase on these, so we will make them available as soon as that is all settled.

Yoder Farm: is starting to run low on some supplies of heirloom beans. Order early or they may be all gone! We did get in more of Ryan’s apple sauces and live cider vinegar before the last delivery.

Lewis Waite Deadline for 1/6 delivery

For delivery on Tuesday, January 6th, order raw milk cheese by 12/30 and everything else by Thursday 1/1.

Product Updates:

Argyllshire Lamb – never tried lamb before or grass-fed lamb? Take advantage of this special on lamb loin chops. These rich flavored grass-fed loin chops will melt in your mouth.

Hawthorne Valley Farm – try some of their lacto-fermented products. Currently on special are curry and ruby sauerkraut or try their hot pepper sauce to add a kick to your meals.

Mack Brin Farm – raises chickens on pasture without antibiotics, hormones or GMOs. Try their whole chickens or stock making parts. Also available is chicken liver on special this month. Try making some pate.

Strafford Organic Creamery – offers us 9 flavors of their certified organic ice creams. This is a good time of year to try it; since melting is less of a concern than in July.

Vermont Maple Granola – brought us some more of their maple sweetened granolas. Now available in 7 different flavors; be sure to try them all.

Yoder Farm – if you have been missing dried beans, they are back. We have a variety of heirloom beans now available from Yoder Farm. Ryan has also restocked us with their wonderful apple products – apple sauces specific to local orchards, vinegar and slow cooked, dark apple butter.

Thank You to Sunnyside Community Services

Curious to learn more about Sunnyside Community Services? Kenneth Lauritzen, Division Director of Senior Services, Josue Monterroso, the Senior Center Director, and Kate Donohue, Manager of Institutional Giving, took time out of their busy schedules to answer a few questions about SCS and its relationship with the CSA.

What is the mission of Sunnyside Community Services?

The mission of Sunnyside Community Services (SCS) is to strengthen our community by providing a continuum of vital services and activities that enrich the lives of individuals of all ages.

When members aren’t able to pick up their shares, the CSA donates the food to SCS. What does SCS do with the veggies, fruit, and specialty products donated by Sunnyside CSA?**

SCS includes the produce donated by Sunnyside CSA in the meals served at our Center for Active Older Adults. Our on-site kitchen serves approximately 200 hot, nutritionally balanced meals each day. Ensuring that seniors’ diets include fresh produce is a priority in providing nutritional services, and we are very grateful to the CSA for this assistance.

How does the produce donation positively impact residents?

Many of our senior center members have incomes below the federal poverty level, and so are at risk for nutritional insecurity. The meals we serve help to mitigate that risk. Including fresh, locally grown produce helps us to enhance the taste and nutritional content of these meals.

What daily programs and services does SCS provide?

SCS provides a broad range of human services that meet the needs of our community’s children, youth, adults, and seniors. Our holistic approach to service delivery and our integrated service model enable us to meet the needs of our community’s families and to adapt to our community’s changing needs.

Our programs for youth and families are designed to help the young people of a diverse, predominantly immigrant and low income population to overcome barriers to academic and career success. We operate a free Pre-Kindergarten Program, two after-school programs at local elementary schools, and a Beacon Community Center that serves middle school students – each of which helps students build the skills that are critical to educational achievement and long-term success. Our workforce readiness program, Grounded and Positioned for Success (GPS), connects youth with internships either in a local business or within our agency, and our College Readiness Program helps under-served students prepare to apply for and succeed in college.

Our Home Health Aide Training Program connects local job seekers to employment opportunities in the growing field of home care. The program offers participants training and certification as a licensed home health aide, and places program graduates in employment with one of our two affiliate home care agencies. These agencies serve approximately 1,700 homebound seniors in four of the five boroughs of New York City, providing over 54,000 hours of care each week.

Our programs serving seniors work to help the older members of our community to stay healthy and independent as they age. Our senior center, the Center for Active Older Adults, currently has approximately 2,500 active members, 44% of whom have income below the federal poverty level. The center operates a program of over thirty arts, educational, and recreational activities, and has a Case Assistance counselor on site to provide assistance with the enrollment process for benefits and entitlements.

SCS Case Managers coordinate services for frail, homebound seniors such as meal deliveries, home care, transportation, and more. We provide Geriatric Mental Health counseling services to 300 seniors per year. Our social Adult Day Services Program offers therapeutic care to seniors who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive impairments. The Friendly Visitor program connects homebound seniors with volunteers who commit to a weekly visit. Pet Pals, a part of the Friendly Visitor Program, helps seniors to care for their pets.

SCS also operates a Care Transitions Program in partnership with two local hospitals to support seniors who are being discharged and help them avoid unnecessary re-hospitalization. As the lead agency in the Western Queens Caregivers Network, SCS provides a range of respite opportunities and skills trainings designed to reduce the strain that family caregivers experience in their roles.

How many people does SCS reach on a yearly basis?

SCS reaches 14,000 individuals each year, including children, youth, adults, and seniors.

Describe SCS’ vision for how it plans to serve the community in the next 3-5 years.

Over the next few years, SCS plans to continue building our senior services to meet the needs of a growing senior population. Recent developments in senior services include ADventures, a collaboration between our social Adult Day and Caregivers Programs, which operates day trips to New York City’s many arts and cultural institutions that enable ailing seniors and the loved ones who care for them to spend quality time together in a relaxed, enjoyable setting. We aim also to continue meeting the emerging needs of our community’s youth. Recently, we began offering a free Pre-Kindergarten Program, Sunnyside Up Pre-K, which provides our community with access to the many benefits of quality early childhood education.

**Estimated dollar value of food donations from the CSA to SCS was $6,000.

Community Supported Agriculture in the 11104