How It Works

Community Supported Agriculture

Providing the community with fresh produce and items from local businesses.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture supports local farms and provides the community with fresh produce.

CSA members pay for a “share” of the farmer’s produce at the beginning of the season, helping the farm plan their harvest season around exactly what is needed. In turn, the CSA members receive freshly harvested, organic produce.

Members assume the rewards and risks of the growing season. Weather and other factors can mean more or less of specific items.

How it operates

Every CSA operates basically the same, relying predominantly on volunteers and straight-to-farm practices.

The Sunnyside CSA is not for profit and completely volunteer run. This means volunteers do everything from organizing with the farms & businesses, scheduling seasons, running the pick-up site and keeping finances straight.

Every member is required to sign up for volunteer shifts or positions within the core group.

Sunnyside share seasons

We have two share seasons, summer and winter. Generally, the summer share runs beginning of June to end of November, and the winter share runs January to April. You can learn more about what’s available on our Food We Offer pages.

Any food not picked up at the end of the night is donated to the Senior Program at SCS.

Subsidy program

A small number of shares are available at a reduced rate through our Subsidized Share Program.​

This program is funded through CSA events and fundraisers throughout the seasons.

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