How It Works

We are a Sunnyside and Woodside-based Community Supported Agriculture program. Golden Earthworm Organic Farm provides us with fresh, local, organic produce during the harvest season. We take our community as seriously as the agriculture.

Every CSA has a different set of rules and methods. We offer several different food plans throughout the year- some which have a limited amount of space, and some which are open to everyone, all year round. All of the food is delivered to (and picked-up by members at) Sunnyside Community Services. Members commit to picking up their food between specific hours, and any food not picked up that week is donated to the Senior Program at SCS, so nothing goes to waste! Members also agree to volunteer in some capacity throughout the year, either by taking a couple of shifts during the pick-ups, helping out with events that come up during the year, or by joining our Core Group. We also offer a small number of shares at a reduced rate (for folks who may not be able to afford the regular cost) through our Subsidized Share Program.

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