Special Share Shift Instructions

Lewis Waite & Special Share Shift

Additional instructions for shares beyond the main fruit and vegetables.

Special share shifts run the same times as the normal shifts, but with extra instructions from the businesses.

Lewis Waite

Lewis Waite Farm sends information about their network on paper in the manila envelope. Feel free to share info with members.

Look for the manila envelope taped to one box of the Lewis Waite boxes. This will have the pickup list, instructions from the farm, and a stamped envelope addressed to the farm (for payments you collect).

Open the boxes with scissors found in the CSA tote.

Check names off the master list, then go over their order to make sure they get each item (people sometimes forget what they ordered). Also ensure no one accidentally grabs items not meant for them–there are no extras of items sent.

Some boxes have items for multiple orders inside. You will need to distribute these. If a box contains only one person’s order it will typically be labeled with a name on a post-it.

Returned egg cartons can be stored with the rest of the Lewis Waite boxes.

Break down empty boxes, and consolidate styrofoam inserts & ice packs into unused boxes. Everything will go back to Lewis Waite to be reused.

Record any issues you encounter at the bottom of the pick-up list, including damaged items or missing products. If there is anything major, please call the Special Products Coordinator.

Distribution continues with the same instructions listed above for the previous shift.

Sweep the floor, and clean tables & chairs of all food scraps. If you cannot find a broom, cleaning spray and paper towels, ask the janitor or security guard.

Record any issues/notes from your shift on the pickup list, including missing or damaged items. Report these to a Site Coordinator when they arrive.

List names of any unclaimed shares at the end of the pickup list. (Late members can pick up at your discretion.)

Unclaimed shares can be left in the corner near the double doors by the service entrance for SCS to take.

The pickup lists, envelope and other materials go into the accordion folder, then inside the CSA tote.

Take the Lewis Waite materials to the basement on the hand truck. If necessary, there is a second, smaller black hand truck in the basement to help transport items. The site coordinator, security guard, or janitor can help call the elevator if needed.

The site coordinator will mail out the envelope of checks and the order list.

If there is a major problem, call the special products coordinator at any point. The number is on the top of every pickup list. Thank you for volunteering, we couldn’t do it without you!

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