6:15-8:15 Volunteer Shift Instructions

Things to note for this shift:

Start at 6:15, replace the previous volunteers

-Work with the other volunteer to check off names, organize/clean as needed and distribute soap shares.
-For members splitting a share: Check off the share when the first member arrives. If they are leaving the second half, instruct them to label it with their partner’s name and leave to the side. Members who split are solely responsible for ensuring their partner gets an equal share.
-Throughout distribution: Keep the floor clean of scraps. There should be brooms and dustpans nearby. Make sure the empty boxes are folded and stacked on the hand truck. If there are any problems contact the site coordinator.

Don’t forget to initial by your name in the volunteer section on the top of the veggie pickup list.

Call members at 7:00
-Begin calling anyone who hasn’t yet picked up their share as a nice reminder to do so.

Begin clean-up at 7:30
-Sweep the floor, and clean off tables and chairs (please do not leave ANY food scraps). If you cannot find a broom, cleaning spray and paper towels, ask the janitor or security guard.
-Record any issues you encounter during your shift at the bottom of the pick-up lists. If the problem is with the veggie, fruit or soap shares, record the problem on the appropriate list.
-Leave unclaimed shares stacked in the corner near the double doors by the service entrance. The janitors will take them to the kitchen.
-Fold the tarp
-Break down the plastic fruit bins and stack flat
-Clean the knife and cutting board in the bathroom, and place them in the CSA tote.

The site coordinator should be there towards the end of the night to help clean up and go over any problems you may have encountered.

Distribution is over at 8:00
-List any unclaimed shares at the end of the pickup list.
-Place the pickup lists, CSA signs and other materials in the accordion folder. Put everything in the CSA tote bag.
-Members who arrive after 8pm, can take a share at your discretion. Please mark their name on the list.

Take the CSA’s materials to the basement
-Neatly stack the empty boxes on the hand truck and place the flat fruit bins, the tarp, and CSA tote bag on top.
-If it is a special products or Lewis Waite day, help the other volunteers get as much on the cart as possible. If necessary, there is a second, smaller black hand truck in the basement to help transport items.

The site coordinator, security guard, or janitor can explain how to call the elevator and load the carts onto it.

If there is a major problem, call the site coordinator. The number is on the top of every pickup list. Thank you for volunteering! We couldn’t do it without you!

Community Supported Agriculture in the 11104