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Sunnyside CSA offers locally harvested, farm fresh vegetable and fruit shares during the summer and winter seasons. We also offer special product shares and items that can be ordered individually.

Vegetable & Fruit Share Plans
Special Products, A la CarteSpecial Product Shares

Vegetable & Fruit Share Plans

Vegetable and fruit share plans are available during the Summer and Winter seasons.
The Summer/Autumn vegetable and fruit share plans are from Golden Earthworm Organic Farm and run May 28th – November 19th (2015). The share consists of an average of 6-10 vegetables. Briermere Farms also offers Fruit Share that runs for about 16 weeks.
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Special Products, A la Carte

We also have a variety of special products available to order a la carte! Many fresh cooking, pantry, frozen, fermented… etc. products are available to order every week. The vendors we partner with provide high quality products, produced by small or local farms and businesses. Special product A la Carte items are OPEN TO ALL and will be delivered with vegetable and fruit shares. A la Carte items have specific ORDER DEADLINES. Please be sensitive to the busy farmers and order on time. Late orders may not be filled!
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Special Products, A la Carte

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