Food We Offer

Vegetable and Fruit Shares

Sunnyside CSA offers locally harvested, farm fresh vegetable and fruit shares during the summer and winter seasons. Check out  the Vegetable & Fruit Shares page for more info.

Special Product Shares

In addition to the main CSA shares we offer products produced by small or local farms and businesses. You do not need to have a main vegetable share to sign up for these special products. All the details for current special shares can be found on here: Special Product Shares.

Lewis Waite

The Lewis Waite farm network include items like meat, eggs, dairy and other pantry items from a collective of local farms. You do not need to participate in any of the CSA shares to order Lewis Waite. These orders do, however, have order deadlines. Pickups are every other Thursday, at the same time as other shares.

Check out Lewis Waite Farm site to find out more. Or visit our Lewis Waite CSA page for more detailed instructions on how to start ordering.