Lewis Waite Farms Special Shares

Last Day for Lewis Waite 3-Month Fish Shares

Lewis Waite is offering a great deal–three months of white fish, all caught in our lovely East Coast waters.

Each share contains 3-4 lbs of fish (frozen in individual serving packs) and will be delivered monthly with the other special share pickups. Shares include two types of fish, a mixed variety of Hake, Haddock, Cod, Monkfish and Pollock.

If you like fresh, tasty fish, this is a great opportunity! Don’t miss out, sign up now through this link. Last day to sign up is today!

Lewis Waite Farms

Last Call for Lewis Waite Shares

Lewis Waite, our favorite place for fish shares and farm co-op shopping, is now offering even more monthly and bi-monthly share options–all with free delivery at our regular vegetable pickups.

If you’re interested in any of these options, order now through their site–all orders need to be in before their next delivery on July 12.

This is a quick rundown of the shares they’re offering. For more info and sample deliveries check out their website.

MONTHLY SHARES (includes 5 deliveries for the total price below. Each delivery contains a variety of what is listed):

The Carnivore, $230: 4-6 lbs of meat from a variety of animals, seasonally appropriate.

The Omnivore, $255: 2-4 lbs of meat, a cheese and a pantry staple item.

The Atlantic Fish, $200: 3-3.5 lbs of regional white fish from the coast of Mass. (two types of fish in each delivery).

The Cheese Lover, $155: A trio of cheeses to try each delivery, one aged raw, one soft and spreadable, and one hard or semi-soft.

The Vegetarian, $204: Two cheeses, a probiotic food and mix of pantry staples.

The Challenger, $55: Test your culinary skills with this set, includes things like bones, organs and fats.

The Ice Cream Lover, $81: Two flavors of Stafford organic old-fashioned ice cream.

The Bread Lover, $130: One plain loaf (farm bread or sourdough, etc) and one more adventurous loaf (marble rye, jalapeño cheddar…)


The Butter, $59: 8 oz of salted or unsalted (choose your preference), made from grass fed cows at Kriemhild Dairy.

The Yogurt, $77: Creamy, European plain yogurt from Hawthorn Valley Farm. Organic and Biodynamic.

More about Lewis Waite

  • All of our products are humanely and responsibly raised or produced
  • No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or ‘fake’ food of any kind
  • We source as locally as possible, and only from family run farms and businesses
Lewis Waite Farms Special Shares

We’ve got fish again!

There were some things to work out to ensure we had great fish from excellent sources for this year’s fish share–and now it’s ready!

To simplify some of the process between consumer and farm, Lewis Waite will be handling the fish share ordering and payment through their website. But not to fret, pickups will still be coordinated through the Sunnyside CSA, which means you’ll be able to pick up your monthly fish share at the same time as other special shares. See our Calendar Page for pickup details. (FIRST SPECIAL SHARE PICKUP IS NEXT THURSDAY, YAY!)

Steps for signing up for a fish share:

  1. Log in (or create an account) at
  2. Click “Shop by Product” and type “fish share” in the search bar
  3. Choose a fish share to see details (3 or 6 months are available)
  4. Click “Add to Cart,” then “View Cart” to complete your order
  5. Your order confirmation and invoice will be sent via email
  6. Payment can be made through PayPal, in person at pickup, or via check, mailed to: Lewis Waite Farm, 135 Lewis Hill Lane, Greenwich, NY 12834 (Please make a note that you are paying for a Sunnyside CSA Fish Share if you choose to mail a check)

If you have any questions about the ordering process, our CSA expert, Victoria can help you out! Email her at:

PS: If you happened to browse around the Lewis Waite site for their other amazing offerings, those are delivered every other week at the same time as the vegetable shares (next delivery is June 14th). It’s a great way to access dairy, meat, bread and other yummy items from local farms!

Lewis Waite Farms

Get Groceries With Your CSA Shares

Did you know you could be shopping local farms at the same time you pick up your weekly CSA shares? Plus, Lewis Waite Farms provides free delivery to all Sunnyside CSA members.

Meat, eggs and yogurt are some of the most popular items, but there’s plenty beyond that. There’s also cheese, breads, pastas, drinks, other pantry and dairy items–even frozen pizzas! On top of free delivery, prices can beat farmer’s markets and organic grocery stores.

Orders come twice a month, and you can order as late as Monday for Thursday pick-up that same week. (Although they do try to accommodate late orders, items are not guaranteed. Plus the sooner you order, the more options you have.) You can pay online or when you pick up.

The next order is scheduled to deliver July 6th, so you still have time to order!

To learn more about Lewis Waite Farm and how to order, click here.

To register for an account, visit their site. There’s also a page of FAQs if you’re interested.

If you have any specific questions, or need help with registering, you can always contact us at

Archives Lewis Waite Farms

April Lewis Waite Order Deadline–April 9th

Delivery is on Tuesday, April 12th
Please order by Friday April 8th, 9am.

Product Updates:
3 Corner Field Farm: Karen and Paul have shut down the cheese house for lambing season. They do this every April so they can be round the clock with the lambing ewes. Karen often sleeps out in the barn in a chair, just in case she is needed. We are sorry, there will be no sheep milk cheese or yogurt available this delivery, but there will still be lamb.
Berle Farm: Beatrice’s small herd is back in production, and we will have yogurt! Berle Farm Yogurts is a rich, European style thick and creamy cow’s milk yogurt with nothing added but 5 kinds of cultures.
Farmer Ground Flour: Greg has come up with a brand new WHOLE WHEAT All Purpose flour! We are so excited to give it a try – we hope to pick some up next Thursday, when we meet the delivery truck over in Saratoga, since that is the closest they come to us (just to give you a peek behind the scenes at the logistics).
GEM Buffalo: isn’t sure when they will have more ground buffalo, but we do hope to get more steaks and roasts within the next week or so.
Healthy Gourmet Kitchen: won’t be back at the markets until May 1st, so unless we can meet up in Saratoga sometime, we will have to wait for these sugar free fruit spreads. Meanwhile, we have plenty of Kale Pesto and low sodium salsas.
Kriemhild Dairy: apologies if we run out of your size container, but Bruce isn’t back in major production yet, so we can’t reorder. Hope to have the full complement available for May.
Laughing Stock Farm: Lincoln says the ducks are laying now, and the quails are usually to follow shortly. We will make those available as soon as we have them.
Lewis Waite Farm: we are beginning to run low on Pork and Beef again, and will not have more before the delivery, so shop early (and often).
Taking Root: Lelani is whipping up some more anti-inflammatory tea, immunity boost tea, and pain relief salve for you. Thanks for letting us know the pain relief salve really works well!
Teeny Tiny Spice: We will be getting in a fresh batch of these organic spice blends, check back if your favorite is out of stock right now. With lots of great flavor profiles to choose from, these blends take all the work out of seasoning for those quick on the go meals.
Wild for Salmon: We have had rave reviews of the new fish products, so we do plan to continue with them. Thanks for all the feedback, and we are glad to be helping you support family fisheries a little further abroad.
Lewis Waite Farms

Lewis Waite Order Deadline

Order by Friday March 11 at 9am for pickup on Tuesday 3/5 from 5-8 at Sunnyside Community Services

News from LWF:

Wild for Salmon:
Recently we were contacted by a small family fishery in Alaska that both fishes and buys from other small family run fishing vessels. While outside our regular mission of buying from within the region, we have been asked for frozen fish on several occasions. Since sourcing from Wild for Salmon is still supporting small scale, sustainable, wild caught fishing, we are tempted to give it a go. Let us know your thoughts! We will make a test purchase and try it out this winter, but they tell us they start to run out in July, so if you like it, you need to let us know so we can stock up.

“It all started as a unique adventure to Alaska to spend the summer fishing for Sockeye Salmon. It turned into a life-long passion known as “Wild for Salmon” for husband and wife team Steve and Jenn Kurian. Each June the Kurians travel to Bristol Bay, Alaska, home to their 32′ fishing vessel the ‘Ava Jane’. They make their once/year catch in a single six week season, bringing their Sockeye Salmon back to their Pennsylvania base.”

Flour City Pasta:
We have finally found a NEW pasta maker! Flour City pasta is based in Macedon, NY, and we will be hooking up with them via the Troy City Farmer’s Market, where some of our member farms vend. All the pasta is dried, and made with organic flour. The flour is locally grown and ground whenever possible. It is all handmade and comes in a wide variety of flavors and shapes. We are starting out small with just a few kinds, and if you like it, we’ll get more. Happy to consider requests, just let us know!

Beth’s Farm Kitchen: will be setting aside more Apricot and Black Raspberry jam, along with Triple Fruit Marmalade.

Can-Am Farms: Shauna and Oliver are all sold out of chicken! We have a few birds left, but they will have to last until early summer when the new birds are ready.

Farmer Ground Flour: Greg will be milling us some fresh ground Organic Flour, Cornmeal, and Polenta. Did you know conventional flour is milled from fields sprayed with roundup to increase the yield and ease of harvest? Yikes! We are so glad to know where our flour comes from!

Four Legs Farm: Leanna raises pigs just like we do, and found herself with a bit too much on hand this winter. We were happy to help her out and offer some to you. Her Italian and Breakfast sausages are different recipes than ours, and she offers pork kebabs for stew. Give it a try!

GEM Buffalo: we are planning a run down to GEM to pick up some buffalo meat. We will have that unique American delicacy of Buffalo Hump Roast, along with ground and some quick cooking steaks. We won’t be posting some of the cuts until they arrive, so we can accurately post the sizes.

Healthy Gourmet Kitchen: restocked us with the delicious Kale Pesto that so many of you enjoyed.

Harry’s Honey House: Derek cam by to pick up the congealed honey and re-liquefy it in his special equipment. Not to worry, it will be back in time for the delivery!

Hawthorne Valley Farm: A re-stock on sauerkraut is overdue. We will also be getting some yogurt while we are there. Organic and biodynamic, we love Hawthorne Valley Farm products.

Kriemhild Dairy: is running low on butter, so we are out of some sizes. Sorry! Production starts ramping up again in spring.

Lewis Waite Farm: Bull Meat is back! Extra lean and packed with flavor, many of our market customers requested bull meat when we ran out last year. Bull meat is naturally higher in testosterone.
We quickly sold out of a lot of the pork we just got in, but feel free to ask us if you are looking for something special. We will have more pork chops for April!

Porter Ridge Farm: pork cutlets are in! Great for schnitzel or breaded cutlets like a veal Parmesan. They cook quickly, so be careful not to overcook, and pound them out for extra tenderness. We also have  our specialty sausages in unique flavors, and are offering a few on special this month.

Stonewood Farm: Peter let us know that he is out of ground white turkey breast. We are not sure yet if that is for the whole season or just this delivery.

Taking Root Farm: Lani is mixing up some more Immunity Boost tea for the early spring cold season. She has a wide variety of herbal teas available, along with healing salves and fire cider.

Tall Cat Coffee Roasters: has lowered their prices! Enjoy this gourmet coffee for a few dollars less! Betsy also let us know they are out of the Papua New Guinea beans and are introducing a new Congolese bean.

Lewis Waite Farms

Lewis Waite Order Deadline & TURKEYS!!

Place your orders with Lewis Waite by Monday 11/2 for delivery on Thursday 11/5.  And if you want a turkey, place those orders by Friday 11/13 for delivery on Thursday 11/19.  They are selling out fast so don’t wait!

Lewis Waite Farms

Lewis Waite Order Deadline

Order cheese by Wednesday 9/30 and everything else by Sunday 10/5 for delivery at the 10/8 pickup.

Lewis Waite Farms

Order Cheese from Lewis Waite by Tonight 7/7

For pickup on Thursday 7/16, please place your cheese orders tonight 7/7. The rest of your order can be placed by 7/13.

Why is there a cheese deadline?
We meet with our Cheese Makers at weekend markets, and they only cut on certain days of the week. For the Thursday delivery, this makes the cheese deadline well in advance of the delivery, since we pick up West River Creamery at the Dorset Market in Vermont, and Sugarloaf Cheese at the Spa City Market in Saratoga. We ask that you order by midnight tonight so we have an idea of what to order. We usually buy some extra for late orders, but can’t guarantee to have your flavor if you wait to order. We’ll always contact you to let you know.

Product updates:
Beth’s Farm Kitchen: We’ll be meeting up with Beth’s to get more Dilly Beans and Dilly Carrots, a great addition to summer hors d’oeuvres trays. We’ll get some more Gingered Pear jam as well, if your yogurt need a boost, give this flavor a try! Top off your ice cream, or make great tarts, with locally sourced fruit jams!

Champlain Valley Milling/Regional Pantry: We got some new beans in last week. Certified Organic, from various farms. It’s so hard to find beans this time of year! We’ll be adding Mung, Great Northern, and Pinto beans at some point this week.
Farmer Ground Flour: Greg ground us another batch of flour last week! Sorry if the labels are getting destroyed in the humidity, but we store the flour in the fridge to preserve it’s freshness, and when it comes out, the labels can’t handle the temp. change. We’ve checked, and no moisture makes it through the bags to the flour itself.

GEM Buffalo: We are hoping to make a run down to Castleton to get some more buffalo this week or next. Lean and delicious, why not try a Buffalo burger at your next cookout?

Lewis Waite Farm: We are keeping a steady supply of chops and bacon this season. If there is a roast you are looking for that you don’t see, please send us an email! We can get anything custom cut. We’ll be getting beef in by the end of the week, so feel free to send us an email reserving your favorite steaks. Missed out on Flat Iron last time? They go so fast!

Porter Ridge Farm: Caroline and Josh from Porter Ridge Farm are joining the list of farmers, though Caroline has been a long time member of the Lewis Waite family. She mans the main desk at the office, and if you have emailed the farm, she probably was the one to respond. Be sure to look for Porter Ridge’s specialty sausage flavors later this week, made with Teeny Tiny Spice Company’s unique organic seasonings!

West River Creamery: Cambridge is back in stock! Jane’s Cheddar style cheese is a longtime favorite at the office, and we’re so happy to have it back. All of Jane’s cheeses are made with raw milk (except Chevre), and she has several types of hard cheese. If you like Cheddar, give Londonderry a try. Slightly milder, but still full of flavor, it’s a Cheshire style cheese.

Lewis Waite Farms

Lewis Waite Order Deadline for Pick Up on June 18

Order by Monday June 15th and pick up with your veggies on Thursday, June 18.

Product Updates:

3 Corner Field Farm: Karen has had time to make and age some Shushan Snow mini-wheels after pausing for lambing season. Shushan Snow is her semi-soft mold ripened cheese, like Brie, made exclusively with her grass-fed sheep’s milk, and is an office favorite.

Argyllshire Farm: Barbara has dropped off some more of her grass fed lamb. Look for cuts on special as we help Barbara clean out her freezer. Just in time for grilling season. Try this recipe for grilled lamb loin chops with cucumbers and mint.

Beth’s Farm Kitchen: Just in time for cookout season, we’re getting in Beth’s Barbeque Sauce! We also have the mustards, made with Cayuga Pure Organics mustard seeds, on special this month. Hudson Valley Ketchup completes your sauce needs for a great cookout.

Fior D’Italia: The raviolis, pastas and sauces have been a big hit! Vic is so pleased with the good reception, and says thanks! We just got in more frozen entrees for those nights you just don’t want to cook.

Grazin’ Acres Farm: Nathan and Meghan just received more of their Heritage breed pork back from the processors. New cuts including no nitrite hot dogs and no nitrite kielbasa are now available. They are also busy raising new chicks for the summer, so we are clearing out the freezer with a special on their non-GMO, pasture raised, Heritage chickens.

Harry’s Honey House:* Derek is out of the 2 lb jars of Raw Honey – what we have now is it until fall, but we should have plenty of 1 lb jars to last until the harvest. Raw honey is very lightly filtered, just enough to remove big chunks. It contains bits of pollen and propolis, and is a natural source of minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium as well as vitamin B complex. *not available to Stoneledge CSAs – please source your honey, syrup, and coffee through their Marketplace.

Iceberg Farm: We just picked up some Pork Garlic and Parmesan sausage and some Lamb with Red Wine and Feta sausage. Delicious sausage links for the grill go great with your veggie salad from your CSA share.

Lucy Jo’s: has two new flavors: organic Kick Pow Punch and organic Bolivia. The Kick Pow Punch is a low acid Sumatra flavor that has been well received by the office staff. The Bolivia is a medium roast that has a pleasant sweet taste and nutty roast notes with milk chocolate undertone and mild lemongrass finish. *not available to Stoneledge CSAs – please source your honey, syrup, and coffee through their Marketplace.

Kimball Brook Organic Dairy: A few CSAs asked us to offer a Milk Share this season. We have to order in set case amounts, so any items that are not going to a share will be made available to a la carte orders. First come, first served! (Please only order for your next delivery and not in future dates.)

Kriemhild Dairy: Bruce just dropped us of another load of Meadow Butter – the 1 lb rolls now come in salted or unsalted, no plastic tub to recycle.

Maplebrook Farm: produces Mozzarella Cheese in the mountains of Bennington, Vermont. We are offering the 8 oz.; shrink wrapped Fresh and Cherry Smoked this month. We hope this can be a regular offering, so let us know how you like it!

Stonewood Farm: Peter let us know that he is out of dark ground turkey until after Thanksgiving – sorry folks! We should have plenty of half light, half dark meat, and all white breast meat. We’re also getting in more lean turkey breast cutlets, great for a quick dinner.

West River Creamery: The crew is introducing a Steel Wheel Tomme. This cheese is a tome style natural rind sheep’s milk cheese. The texture is smooth with a light and mildly sweet taste. If you prefer cow milk cheese, West River also has a cow milk tomme; Middletown Tomme. The Middletown is a favorite in the office.

Yoder Farm: Ryan is out of all beans except for Black Beans until the fall – grab your heritage beans while they last, we are really running low.