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Order Cheese from Lewis Waite by Tonight 7/7

For pickup on Thursday 7/16, please place your cheese orders tonight 7/7. The rest of your order can be placed by 7/13.

Why is there a cheese deadline?
We meet with our Cheese Makers at weekend markets, and they only cut on certain days of the week. For the Thursday delivery, this makes the cheese deadline well in advance of the delivery, since we pick up West River Creamery at the Dorset Market in Vermont, and Sugarloaf Cheese at the Spa City Market in Saratoga. We ask that you order by midnight tonight so we have an idea of what to order. We usually buy some extra for late orders, but can’t guarantee to have your flavor if you wait to order. We’ll always contact you to let you know.

Product updates:
Beth’s Farm Kitchen: We’ll be meeting up with Beth’s to get more Dilly Beans and Dilly Carrots, a great addition to summer hors d’oeuvres trays. We’ll get some more Gingered Pear jam as well, if your yogurt need a boost, give this flavor a try! Top off your ice cream, or make great tarts, with locally sourced fruit jams!

Champlain Valley Milling/Regional Pantry: We got some new beans in last week. Certified Organic, from various farms. It’s so hard to find beans this time of year! We’ll be adding Mung, Great Northern, and Pinto beans at some point this week.
Farmer Ground Flour: Greg ground us another batch of flour last week! Sorry if the labels are getting destroyed in the humidity, but we store the flour in the fridge to preserve it’s freshness, and when it comes out, the labels can’t handle the temp. change. We’ve checked, and no moisture makes it through the bags to the flour itself.

GEM Buffalo: We are hoping to make a run down to Castleton to get some more buffalo this week or next. Lean and delicious, why not try a Buffalo burger at your next cookout?

Lewis Waite Farm: We are keeping a steady supply of chops and bacon this season. If there is a roast you are looking for that you don’t see, please send us an email! We can get anything custom cut. We’ll be getting beef in by the end of the week, so feel free to send us an email reserving your favorite steaks. Missed out on Flat Iron last time? They go so fast!

Porter Ridge Farm: Caroline and Josh from Porter Ridge Farm are joining the list of farmers, though Caroline has been a long time member of the Lewis Waite family. She mans the main desk at the office, and if you have emailed the farm, she probably was the one to respond. Be sure to look for Porter Ridge’s specialty sausage flavors later this week, made with Teeny Tiny Spice Company’s unique organic seasonings!

West River Creamery: Cambridge is back in stock! Jane’s Cheddar style cheese is a longtime favorite at the office, and we’re so happy to have it back. All of Jane’s cheeses are made with raw milk (except Chevre), and she has several types of hard cheese. If you like Cheddar, give Londonderry a try. Slightly milder, but still full of flavor, it’s a Cheshire style cheese.

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