Lewis Waite Farm

Lewis Waite Farm hosts a vast network of upstate NY and other regional farms that offer a tremendous variety of the highest quality meats, dairy products, eggs, grains, legumes, spices, fermented products, and more–even ice cream!

Orders are placed directly through their website, payment is made to Lewis Waite, and pick-up is the same time as our CSA shares. Lewis Waite deliveries happen year-round, usually every two weeks. Check out the calendar for specific dates.

-Click this link to register.
-Check your inbox for a confirmation email and link.
-Enter your new login info and start shopping.


-When you login, you will be directed to a home page with the next delivery date listed. (It also shows if there’s an order already started.)

-Add your products to the cart, and submit the order.

-You can come back and make changes until the deadline, but if you don’t submit the order, it will be lost.

-When you complete your order, you will get an email confirmation with an estimated total based on the average weight of the items.

-The night before delivery you will get an actual invoice with the total of items packed specifically for you. This factors in actual weight, and if any items were unable to ship.


-Online payment accepted through PayPal, via the link in your invoice. You can use a credit card through PayPal as a guest without creating an account.

-Check payments can be made at pick-up, payable to ‘CSA Lewis Waite Farm.’ Please include “Sunnyside CSA” in the memo.

-Mailed payments must be in the form of a check, payable to ‘CSA Lewis Waite Farm’ and sent to the address below. Please include “Sunnyside CSA” in the memo.

Lewis Waite Farm
135 Lewis Hill Lane
Greenwich, NY 12384

You can now check the payment status of your orders by logging in and clicking My Account> My Orders.

Tips for shopping

‘Shop by Farm’ lets you learn about the small farm you are supporting, including the descriptive categories we assign to the products and all the items that farm produces.

‘Shop by Product’ lets you look at our offerings by type. Browse beef or pork items from all farms by category, shop all our vegetarian products, or compare all the fresh cheeses we offer.

There is a search box on the right that lets you search for items by the name of the item. If you are looking for something specific, you can go the Farm’s page, and then use the categories or the search box to limit the products returned by the search.

Use the PREVIOUS PAGE button to return to shopping after adding an item to your cart, or use the ‘Shop By’ links at the top of the screen to look for another product.

Out of Stock items will not show. Feel free to write us note when you check out requesting anything you could not find, and we will do what we can to get the item back in stock for you.


In your Shopping Cart, you can change the quantity of any items selected and write us a note about your item. You can do this all at once when you are done selecting your items, or after adding each one. Don’t forget to Click Update Cart when you make any changes.

Special sizing requests can be made, and we are happy to accommodate whenever possible. There can be a wide range in what comes off the animals we process, so feel free to write us a note.

You can also send us note when you are checking out, like “I couldn’t find bacon! If you have any please send me two lbs”


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