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April Lewis Waite Order Deadline–April 9th

Delivery is on Tuesday, April 12th
Please order by Friday April 8th, 9am.

Product Updates:
3 Corner Field Farm: Karen and Paul have shut down the cheese house for lambing season. They do this every April so they can be round the clock with the lambing ewes. Karen often sleeps out in the barn in a chair, just in case she is needed. We are sorry, there will be no sheep milk cheese or yogurt available this delivery, but there will still be lamb.
Berle Farm: Beatrice’s small herd is back in production, and we will have yogurt! Berle Farm Yogurts is a rich, European style thick and creamy cow’s milk yogurt with nothing added but 5 kinds of cultures.
Farmer Ground Flour: Greg has come up with a brand new WHOLE WHEAT All Purpose flour! We are so excited to give it a try – we hope to pick some up next Thursday, when we meet the delivery truck over in Saratoga, since that is the closest they come to us (just to give you a peek behind the scenes at the logistics).
GEM Buffalo: isn’t sure when they will have more ground buffalo, but we do hope to get more steaks and roasts within the next week or so.
Healthy Gourmet Kitchen: won’t be back at the markets until May 1st, so unless we can meet up in Saratoga sometime, we will have to wait for these sugar free fruit spreads. Meanwhile, we have plenty of Kale Pesto and low sodium salsas.
Kriemhild Dairy: apologies if we run out of your size container, but Bruce isn’t back in major production yet, so we can’t reorder. Hope to have the full complement available for May.
Laughing Stock Farm: Lincoln says the ducks are laying now, and the quails are usually to follow shortly. We will make those available as soon as we have them.
Lewis Waite Farm: we are beginning to run low on Pork and Beef again, and will not have more before the delivery, so shop early (and often).
Taking Root: Lelani is whipping up some more anti-inflammatory tea, immunity boost tea, and pain relief salve for you. Thanks for letting us know the pain relief salve really works well!
Teeny Tiny Spice: We will be getting in a fresh batch of these organic spice blends, check back if your favorite is out of stock right now. With lots of great flavor profiles to choose from, these blends take all the work out of seasoning for those quick on the go meals.
Wild for Salmon: We have had rave reviews of the new fish products, so we do plan to continue with them. Thanks for all the feedback, and we are glad to be helping you support family fisheries a little further abroad.

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