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Last Call for Lewis Waite Shares

Lewis Waite, our favorite place for fish shares and farm co-op shopping, is now offering even more monthly and bi-monthly share options–all with free delivery at our regular vegetable pickups.

If you’re interested in any of these options, order now through their site–all orders need to be in before their next delivery on July 12.

This is a quick rundown of the shares they’re offering. For more info and sample deliveries check out their website.

MONTHLY SHARES (includes 5 deliveries for the total price below. Each delivery contains a variety of what is listed):

The Carnivore, $230: 4-6 lbs of meat from a variety of animals, seasonally appropriate.

The Omnivore, $255: 2-4 lbs of meat, a cheese and a pantry staple item.

The Atlantic Fish, $200: 3-3.5 lbs of regional white fish from the coast of Mass. (two types of fish in each delivery).

The Cheese Lover, $155: A trio of cheeses to try each delivery, one aged raw, one soft and spreadable, and one hard or semi-soft.

The Vegetarian, $204: Two cheeses, a probiotic food and mix of pantry staples.

The Challenger, $55: Test your culinary skills with this set, includes things like bones, organs and fats.

The Ice Cream Lover, $81: Two flavors of Stafford organic old-fashioned ice cream.

The Bread Lover, $130: One plain loaf (farm bread or sourdough, etc) and one more adventurous loaf (marble rye, jalapeño cheddar…)


The Butter, $59: 8 oz of salted or unsalted (choose your preference), made from grass fed cows at Kriemhild Dairy.

The Yogurt, $77: Creamy, European plain yogurt from Hawthorn Valley Farm. Organic and Biodynamic.

More about Lewis Waite

  • All of our products are humanely and responsibly raised or produced
  • No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or ‘fake’ food of any kind
  • We source as locally as possible, and only from family run farms and businesses

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