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Lewis Waite Order Deadline

Order by Friday March 11 at 9am for pickup on Tuesday 3/5 from 5-8 at Sunnyside Community Services

News from LWF:

Wild for Salmon:
Recently we were contacted by a small family fishery in Alaska that both fishes and buys from other small family run fishing vessels. While outside our regular mission of buying from within the region, we have been asked for frozen fish on several occasions. Since sourcing from Wild for Salmon is still supporting small scale, sustainable, wild caught fishing, we are tempted to give it a go. Let us know your thoughts! We will make a test purchase and try it out this winter, but they tell us they start to run out in July, so if you like it, you need to let us know so we can stock up.

“It all started as a unique adventure to Alaska to spend the summer fishing for Sockeye Salmon. It turned into a life-long passion known as “Wild for Salmon” for husband and wife team Steve and Jenn Kurian. Each June the Kurians travel to Bristol Bay, Alaska, home to their 32′ fishing vessel the ‘Ava Jane’. They make their once/year catch in a single six week season, bringing their Sockeye Salmon back to their Pennsylvania base.”

Flour City Pasta:
We have finally found a NEW pasta maker! Flour City pasta is based in Macedon, NY, and we will be hooking up with them via the Troy City Farmer’s Market, where some of our member farms vend. All the pasta is dried, and made with organic flour. The flour is locally grown and ground whenever possible. It is all handmade and comes in a wide variety of flavors and shapes. We are starting out small with just a few kinds, and if you like it, we’ll get more. Happy to consider requests, just let us know!

Beth’s Farm Kitchen: will be setting aside more Apricot and Black Raspberry jam, along with Triple Fruit Marmalade.

Can-Am Farms: Shauna and Oliver are all sold out of chicken! We have a few birds left, but they will have to last until early summer when the new birds are ready.

Farmer Ground Flour: Greg will be milling us some fresh ground Organic Flour, Cornmeal, and Polenta. Did you know conventional flour is milled from fields sprayed with roundup to increase the yield and ease of harvest? Yikes! We are so glad to know where our flour comes from!

Four Legs Farm: Leanna raises pigs just like we do, and found herself with a bit too much on hand this winter. We were happy to help her out and offer some to you. Her Italian and Breakfast sausages are different recipes than ours, and she offers pork kebabs for stew. Give it a try!

GEM Buffalo: we are planning a run down to GEM to pick up some buffalo meat. We will have that unique American delicacy of Buffalo Hump Roast, along with ground and some quick cooking steaks. We won’t be posting some of the cuts until they arrive, so we can accurately post the sizes.

Healthy Gourmet Kitchen: restocked us with the delicious Kale Pesto that so many of you enjoyed.

Harry’s Honey House: Derek cam by to pick up the congealed honey and re-liquefy it in his special equipment. Not to worry, it will be back in time for the delivery!

Hawthorne Valley Farm: A re-stock on sauerkraut is overdue. We will also be getting some yogurt while we are there. Organic and biodynamic, we love Hawthorne Valley Farm products.

Kriemhild Dairy: is running low on butter, so we are out of some sizes. Sorry! Production starts ramping up again in spring.

Lewis Waite Farm: Bull Meat is back! Extra lean and packed with flavor, many of our market customers requested bull meat when we ran out last year. Bull meat is naturally higher in testosterone.
We quickly sold out of a lot of the pork we just got in, but feel free to ask us if you are looking for something special. We will have more pork chops for April!

Porter Ridge Farm: pork cutlets are in! Great for schnitzel or breaded cutlets like a veal Parmesan. They cook quickly, so be careful not to overcook, and pound them out for extra tenderness. We also have  our specialty sausages in unique flavors, and are offering a few on special this month.

Stonewood Farm: Peter let us know that he is out of ground white turkey breast. We are not sure yet if that is for the whole season or just this delivery.

Taking Root Farm: Lani is mixing up some more Immunity Boost tea for the early spring cold season. She has a wide variety of herbal teas available, along with healing salves and fire cider.

Tall Cat Coffee Roasters: has lowered their prices! Enjoy this gourmet coffee for a few dollars less! Betsy also let us know they are out of the Papua New Guinea beans and are introducing a new Congolese bean.

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