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In the Box: Summer, Week #17

Japanese Salad Turnips
Japanese Salad Turnips. Image via GEOF

Golden Earthworm Veggie Share*
Salad Turnips – 1 bunch
Baby Bok Choi – 2 pieces
Spinach – 1 lb. bag
Arugula – 1/2 lb. bag
Toscano Kale – 1 bunch
Long Red Peppers – 2 pieces
Green Bell Pepper – 1 piece
*Contents of the share may fluctuate over the week.

Fruit Share
1 bag mixed Cortland Apples and Bosc Pears
Ripen pears on the counter. Bosc pears are ripe when they are fully brown (no green). Small black spots on the pears are superficial and will not affect the taste or quality of the fruit. You can wash or cut it off.

Herb Share
Marjoram – 1 bunch
Savory – 1 bunch

Milk Not Jails
Dairy share pick up

Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras
If you ordered, pick up your LWF items

A few friendly reminders & updates:

In a bag in the fridge: All veggie items this week!

Calling all iron chefs! On Oct. 5th we’re planning our very own cooking competition! You’ll get a share box and some simple ingredients. The winning team will get to battle for cooking supremacy in the city-wide Just Food CSA Smackdown! If you and a friend want to enter or have questions, Contact Us ASAP! Read more about the Smackdown via Just Food…

Golden Earthworm’s Harvest Festival ~ Sunday, October 20th ~ 11am-3pm
This year’s Harvest Festival promises to be a delicious and fun outing! Please take a moment to fill out this sign-up form. We’ll do our best to provide transportation to and from the farm. Read more about the festival…

Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras
Order your next Lewis Waite products for delivery on Thursday, October 10th. Note the NEW ORDER DEADLINES. Please be sensitive to the busy farmers and order on time. Late orders may not be filled. Place your order now!

I’ve been waiting months to say this… We have a gorgeous harvest of greens for you this week! A full pound of tender Spinach, Turnips (with greens that can be cooked like spinach!), Toscano Kale, Bok Choi and the most delicious melt-in-your-mouth Arugula! Bon appetit! -Maggie

Golden Earthworm welcomes you to explore their website to learn more about our farm and the wonderful things you can do with your weekly share.


If you have questions or concerns about your share, please do not hesitate to contact the farm. That is one of the benefits of knowing where your food comes from!

Tuscan White Bean & Kale Soup
Lentil & Spinach Soup

*In the box

In the Box: Autumn, Week #19

Japanese Salad Turnips
Japanese Salad Turnips.
Image via GEOF

Veg Share*
Escarole – 1 head
Mesclun Lettuce Mix with Baby Arugula – 1 bag
Baby Bok Choi – 1 bunch
Japanese Salad Turnips – 1 bunch
Green Boston Lettuce – 1 head
Baby Yukon Gold Potatoes – 1 quart
Toscano Kale – 1 bunch
Kohlrabi – several pieces
*Contents of the share may fluctuate over the week

Fruit Share
Empire Apples

Herb Share
Herb shares have ended for the season.

Milk Not Jails Dairy Share
Weekly dairy share pick up. Place your next à la carte order! Deadline is October 8th at 5pm, for delivery on October 18th. Read more here.

Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras
Pick up your Lewis Waite orders today! Forgot to place an order? The next deadline is October 14th for delivery on October 18th.

A few friendly reminders & updates:

CSA Harvest Festival – Sunday, October 14
Our farm’s annual Harvest Festival will be held on Sunday, October 14th from 11am-3pm. CSA members, their families and invited guests are welcome! Read more and sign up online.

Winter Veg & Fruit Shares via Winter Sun Farms
Signup for winter shares from Winter Sun Farms continues online. The total price is $137. Read more and sign up online.

*In the box

First share of the 2012 season!

Hi everyone! Welcome to week 1 of the 2012 CSA Season! Barring last-minute changes, here’s what will be in the box:

Strawberries – 1 quart
Rhubarb – 1 bunch
Arugula – 1 bag
Baby Bok Choi – 1 bunch
Red Kale – 1 bunch
Japanese Salad Turnips – 1 bunch

Notes on the share (recipes available at www.goldenearthworm/newsletters):

Strawberries: need no comment– just enjoy right away, or refrigerate immediately. They won’t last more than a day in the fridge anyway, so we recommend you eat them tonight for dessert! (If they make it until then!) Rhubarb is one of those things that you either love, or you don’t know what the heck to do with… When in doubt, just use the recipe on our website for the rhubarb cake. It’s simple, delicious, and with a nice scoop of ice cream it might just turn you into a rhubarb lover too! The arugula is extremely tender – unlike anything you’d find in a grocery store. Please wash very gently so you don’t damage the leaves, and dress with a drizzle of olive oil, wine vinegar and salt and pepper. It really doesn’t need more than that! I have a bok choi recipe which is quite simple and brings out the best qualities of this Asian green — its leaf texture and gentle flavor. The red kale is my favorite variety of kale– its leaves are tender enough to eat raw in a salad, but can also be gently steamed. Try my kale salad recipes! And finally, the Japanese salad turnips are a fun variety that you won’t find in stores and are best eaten raw. No need to peel them- just slice and sprinkle with a little sea salt as an appetizer, or slice in salads, or just eat them like an apple (as Galen does). The tops should be eaten too! I call this a good example of a “two-for-one veg”. You can eat the bottoms AND the tops! The greens can be washed and cooked like spinach, but the flavor is so much more complex and delicious. Saute with olive oil and garlic for a delicious side dish. Bon appetit!