*In the box

In the Box: Autumn, Week #24

Veg Share*
Sweet Potatoes – 4 lbs
Rutabaga – 1 piece
Radicchio – 1 head
Salad Turnips – 1 bunch
Cauliflower – 1 head
Bok Choi – 2 pieces
Broccoli – 2 pieces
Beets -OR- Carrots – 1 bunch
*Contents of the share may fluctuate over the week

Milk Not Jails Dairy Share
Weekly dairy share pick up

Tonight: Donate Food for Hurricane Relief
Donate any/all of your CSA share that can be eaten raw AND bring other ready-to-eat foods to pick-up. We are partnering with Sunnyside Cares to coordinate a food drop-off in the Rockaways. Here are some ideas of what to bring: Orange Juice, Apple Juice, granola bars, powdered milk, jelly, jars of baby food, formula (see Sunnyside Cares on Facebook for more info on how to help). NOTE: NO GLASS, NOTHING THAT NEEDS A CAN OPENER.

Also Tonight: Sign up for Winter Shares
Tonight, from 5-8pm, is the ONLY in-person sign up for winter shares. If you plan to sign up in-person, please know the details of the shares you are purchasing and *bring your checkbook.* Remember, the easiest way to sign up is right here via web form and pay with PayPal. You can also sign up via web form then pay by sending a check to our P.O. box.
Note: Payment must be received by November 15th.

A few friendly reminders & updates:

Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras
Get your Lewis Waite Farm Thanksgiving Orders in ASAP: Order deadline for regular items is Sunday, November 11th for delivery on November 15th. Thanksgiving Turkey ORDER DEADLINE: November 9th (also delivered on November 15th). Anyone, not just CSA members, can order these products and pick up from our CSA. They have an amazing selection of items, all produced by small local farms. LAST DELIVERY BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!!

Milk Not Jails À la Carte Orders
Place your Milk Not Jails à la carte orders in time for Thanksgiving! Order deadline is Monday, November 12th at 5pm, for Delivery on Thursday, Nov 15th. Anyone, not just CSA members, can order these products and pick up from our CSA. Stock up on extra milk and yogurt, as well as delicious treats for the holidays like french rolls, fresh butter, egg nog and raw aged cheeses! LAST DELIVERY BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!!

Winter Veg & Fruit Shares
Sign ups are now open for all Winter Shares! There are two kinds of Winter Vegetable Shares:
1. Winter Sun Farms‘ frozen local vegetable share (which you’ve been able to sign up for already);
2. Golden Earthworm’s root vegetable share (available starting now). In addition to veggies, you can also purchase a Cider Share and/or an Apple Share from Golden Earthworm. Read more and sign up online.

A lovely fall box of produce this week.  We tried to include many items which don’t need to be cooked, just in case you’re still without electricity or cooking facilities.  The sweet potatoes will store, but they should not be left outside in cold temperatures.  Most other items can be left outside if you don’t have electricity to keep them in your fridge.

The farm is doing well after the storm.  No damage to report.  Our best wishes go out to members who suffered loss and damage from the storm.

Rutabaga Oven Fries
Braised Bok Choi
Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes

For more info about events and other ways of connecting with the farm, visit the Golden Earthworm Organic Farm website.

Happy eating!

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