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In the Box; Week 3

Notes from our farm:

The first beets of the season are making an appearance in the box this week! Be sure to use the beet tops as well as the roots- they’re some of the best tasting greens you’ll find. You can cook them up like any other green, either sauteed, or gently steamed.

The baby spinach is perfect for salads this time of year when the leaves are still very tender.

Kohlrabi is great raw, sliced very thinly and sprinkled with a little sea salt.

This is the last of the garlic scapes for the season. Use them wisely! GEOF recommends grilling them.

Toscano Kale
Red Beets
Red Boston Lettuce
Baby Arugula
Baby Spinach
Garlic Scapes

**Please note that items on this list may change, per Golden Earthworm availability. Please be sure to check your boxes before you leave SCS and advise a volunteer if you feel you are missing something.

In the Box; Week 2

in the box 061809
A note from Golden Earthworm:

Greens Galore! This is a traditional late spring box, full of delicious leafy greens.

The Swiss Chard is gorgeous- called Bright Lights because of its multi-color stems.

The Baby Bok Choy is delicious steamed up or used in a stir fry.

And don’t forget that the white Japanese Salad Turnips are a two-for-one veg because you can eat the leaves too! I love their spicy flavor when gently steamed and then sauteed with a little garlic, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

And for all you Escarole lovers (or soon to be)…a big beautiful head of escarole to round things out. Escarole can be eaten raw in a salad, or cooked. It is a bitter green, so cooking will help take off the bitter edge if you don’t like the flavor. If eating raw, the inner (more yellow) leaves are less bitter and can even be a bit sweet!

Finally, the funny looking long green things in your box are a springtime specialty called garlic scapes!

Escarole | 1 head
Red or Green Romaine Lettuce | 1 head
Swiss Chard | 1 head
Green Boston Lettuce | 1 head
Baby Bok Choy | 1 bunch
Japanese Salad Turnips | 1 bunch (2-3 pcs)
Garlic Scapes | 1 bunch

Greetings, Neighbors; In the Box; Week 1

photo via Dennis Yuen

Our fourth CSA season is finally upon us.
First pick up is Thursday, June 3!
Seems like just yesterday we were shivering in the cold with garlic scapes and bok choy and other lovelies from Golden Earthworm feeling like a very distant horizon [oh, wait, it was just yesterday].

As you can see, we’ve relaunched our website! Please visit often for the weekly share forecast, recipes, veggie storage info and cooking tips. The site is a constant work in progress, so be sure to check in so you can stay up to date with news from us and our partner farms and vendors. Extra extra special thanks to CSA member, Dennis Y., for his blood, sweat and patience while he got this thing up and running for us. He’s now fulfilled  his volunteer hours through 2020.

In other exciting news, following the lead of our sister CSA’s, our newsletter is going digital for 2010. Hurray to no more wasted paper, pdf’s to download or waiting until Wednesday night to learn what veggies we’re getting.

In case you’re rusty about the details for Thursday’s pick-up:

1) Pick up is between 5:00 and 8:00 pm at SCS (43-31 39th Street, b/t 43rd Ave and Queens Blvd).
2) Bring a couple of bags to take your produce home in
3) Bring your calendars so you can sign up for your volunteer hours. Lisa, our volunteer coordinator will be there to answer all your questions.
4) In the Box:

French Breakfast Radishes
Red and Green Boston Lettuce
Baby Arugula
Baby Japanese Salad Turnips

Have fun. Looking forward to seeing you!

In the Box; Week 25

Sweet Potatoes | 4.5 – 5 lbs
Squash Squash | 1 pc
Red Kale | 1 bunch
Celeriac | 2 pcs
Baby Potatoes or Leeks | 1.5 lbs or 2 pcs
Parsley | 1 bunch
Carrots | 1 bunch
Broccoli | 1 pc

Eating Apples | 1 mixed bag
Macintosh, Jonagold and Fuji

Cooking Apples | 1 mixed bag (marked with tape)
Ida Red, Rome, Jonamac