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Veggies and Fruit — Oct 19th

Here’s what’s in the box tomorrow—pickups are October 19th at Sunnyside Community Services from 5-8pm.

**Don’t forget about the 50/50 raffle at pickup! All proceeds benefit our Subsidized Share Program. Basically if you win you get half the raffle cash, and the subsidy gets the other half to help people in our neighborhood access food shares.

Fruit shares this week are a bag of jonagold and mutsu apples. Veggies are listed below:

Carrots Sweet and crunchy and ready for enjoying! Store in the fridge. Use within 5 days.

Red Kale – Full of antioxidants and works in any of your favorite kale recipes. Store in the fridge. Use within 5 days.

Yellow Potatoes – These are great for roasting. Store in a cool, dark place. Use within a week.

Bok Choi Enjoy another helping of these great veggies. Store in the fridge. Use within 5 days.

Leeks – Great in soups or roasted alone. Store in the fridge. Use within a week.

Parsley – Try adding it at the end of soup-cooking for a fresh color and flavor. Store in the fridge. Use within 3 days. 

Escarole – Do not confuse this with lettuce! The inner leaves are great raw, but the outer leaves are better cooked (they can be bitter raw). Store in the fridge. Use within 5 days.

Please note that any boxes not picked up by 8pm will be donated to SCS, and items are subject to change. Look for Golden Earthworm Organic Farm CSA on Facebook for more recipes from members!

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