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Sept 13th Pickup: Vegetable & Fruit

How is everyone handling the rain? I say as long as it’s not 95 and humid, I’ll take it. You know what else I’ll take? More veggies from Golden Earthworm!

Come get yours (and fruit) from 5-8pm at Sunnyside Community Services this Thursday.

First, a message from Golden Earthworm about vegetables this season: Please note that this week we have a limited harvest of crops due to the lag from wet weather this summer that kept us from getting our plantings in on time.  Please know that we have a lot of wonderful crops growing in the fields and they will be in your shares very soon!  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work with Mother Nature to feed you well! 

To see complete info for vegetables in the box this week, check out Golden Earthworm’s weekly newsletter. The list below is most of what will be in the box this week, but items are subject to change.

The fruit share this week includes Gala apples and Bartlett pears

For vegetables:

Red Tomatoes – These are ready to eat when deep red. Store on the counter, use when ripe.

Garlic – This has been waiting and drying since June, and now it’s ready! Store on the counter, use within 3 weeks.

Long Green Peppers – These are great in salads, stuffed or sautéed with onions. Store in an airtight storage in the refrigerator, use within 5 days.

Swiss chard – Try them in chard frittatas, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Store in an airtight storage in the refrigerator, use within 5 days.

Yukon Gold Potatoes – Waxy with yellow flesh. Perfect for salads and roasting. Store in a cool, dark spot. Use within 2 weeks

Romaine Lettuce – Crunchy and flavorful for summertime salads. Store in an airtight storage in the refrigerator, use within 3 days.

Please note that any boxes not picked up by 8pm will be donated to SCS. Look for Golden Earthworm Organic Farm CSA on Facebook for more recipes from members!

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