What the veg?

Boston Lettuce

General Facts

Modern lettuce had its start as a Mediterranean weed. As early as 55 B.C., lettuce was served on the tables of Persian kings and praised for its medicinal values. The name comes from Latin words referring to its milky juice.

1 cup of shredded boston lettuce has only 7 calories, and 1 gram each of fiber, protein, and sugar. While it is low on calories it has 36% of our reccomended allowance of Vitamin A! It also has lots of Vitamin K and folate.


Butter lettuce


Lettuce will perish quickly if not stored properly. Boston lettuce can be stored (unwashed) for 3 to 5 days in a perforated plastic bag (wrap in damp paper towels if you want to be fancy), inside your refrigerator.
A little trick? Do not place your lettuce near fruits that release ethylene such as apples, pears or bananas to avoid premature ripening. Wash your lettuce in cold water and just before preparing it. Dry it immediately before leaves soften.