What the veg?


Beets originated in Northern Africa.
Originally only the greens were eaten. It wasn’t until the Romans cultivated beets that the roots were used.

Beets are high in folate, vitamin C, and potassium.
The greens are packed with vitamins and minerals as evidenced by their salty, minerally flavor.

Store in the fridge, ¬†however, they don’t need to be in a plastic bag.
The stems and leaves can be removed

Cooking tips
I must admit I am a very lazy and haphazard cook. So imagine my delight when CSA member Adam P. showed me that beets can be simply enjoyed raw! No more slippery, boiled beets for me.
The simplest way is peeled and sliced for a salad (thinly! he says), but I kind of like them cut into sticks to dip in hummus. Or get just a little bit fancier and try one of these:
Grated or chopped, with carrots & daikon tossed w/rice vinegar, ginger, black sesame seeds.
Grated or chopped, with carrots, finely chopped green apples, walnuts tossed w/ olive oil & lemon juice and salt and pepper.


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