*In the box

In the Box: Summer, Week #7

Veg Share
Zucchini – several pieces
Scallions – 1 bunch
Toscano Kale – 1 bunch
Green Swiss Chard – 1 bunch
Beets – 1 bunch
Carrots – 1 bunch
Parsley – 1 bunch
Batavian Lettuce – 2 heads

Fruit Share

Herb Share

Milk Not Jails Share
Dairy share pick up is weekly. Don’t forget your milk!

Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras
Pick up your Lewis Waite goodies today! Forgot to order? The next deadline is July 22nd for delivery on the 26th. By the way, orders for the next delivery will arrive just in time for the CSA Summer BBQ (July 28th)!

Reminder: Early bird signup for Winter Sun Farms’ winter shares continues online. The total price is $137. Read more and sign up online.