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Product Updates:

Beth’s Farm Kitchen: It is canning season. We are stocking up on preserves, jams and chutneys. Including cranberry sauce seasoned with orange and cardamom, for you upcoming holiday meals.
Earth Sky Time: Goldburgers, Hoomoos and Pesto are restocked. The pesto is seasonal, so stock up on frozen pesto while it is still here and have fresh summer pesto all winter long (made with sunflower seeds instead of nuts, perfect for people with nut sensitivities).

Farmer Ground Flour: is restocked. Organic, heritage grains. Choose from whole wheat, white flour, pastry flour, rye flours, buckwheat, spelt flour and corn meal. As the days get cooler, there is nothing like homemade bread. Try mix and match flours in this “No-Knead Recipe” to make your own multi-grain bread.

Gatherer’s Granola: Was delivered today and is restocked with plenty of delicious gluten-free varieties for breakfast or a power snack.

Grazin Acres Farm: Great news for Grazin Acre fans, we will be stocking a limited number of non-GMO, pastured raised turkeys! Look for them as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

Hawthorne Valley Farm: Try any of their sauerkraut with a fresh Lewis Waite fresh pork roast for an old-world soul warming meal.

Lewis Waite Farm: Pork is finally here! We are still waiting for our smoked pork products. But the freezer is full of fresh pork loin chops, sirloin chops, sirloin cutlet, tenderloin, sirloin roast, fresh ham roast, Boston butt, shoulder roast, ham steaks as well as ground pork and nitrate-free pork sausage. Hooray!

Teeny Tiny Spice Company: fresh ground organic spice blends. These colorful blends are well balanced with a lot of variety for every palette. The gift packs include 3 different spice blends to add to your menu, they are pleasing to the eye and belly, and a great food gift this holiday season.

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