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Lewis Waite Farm Update

Today, Friday, Jun 18th, at 11:59 pm, is the deadline for the Thursday, Jun 24th delivery of LWF. Click here to order.

Note from Nancy:

We have just finished inventorying a new batch of beef. Our new processor sometimes cuts and labels cuts differently than the previous processor. For example, Ribeye steak (boneless) is now Delmonico steak and Rib steak (bone-in) now is Ribeye steak, bone-in. So don’t be confused regarding the bone. Soup bones are knuckle bones without meat. The Soup shanks are now also called Beef shanks.

We also have new steaks – Chuck steak bone-in, Chuck steak boneless, Chuck eye steak, Ranch steak, and Sirloin heart filet.
Also, wonderful for picnic and barbeques we now have Hamburger patties and Smoked Beef Kielbasa.

If you have already ordered you can add use the “See my existing order” to add any of these delicious items.

best wishes,
Alan & Nancy Brown
135 Lewis Hill Lane
Town of Jackson
Greenwich, NY 12834
Lewis Waite Farm
Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Beef
Natural Pork
518-692-3120 or 518-692-9208

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