Donations for Queens Feeds Hospitals

Join us in our goal to raise at least $1000 to feed healthcare workers at hospitals in our area.

Queens Feeds Hospitals is a great organization that has been created to raise money, feed essential healthcare workers, and support local restaurants all at the same time. It’s a great way to do a whole lot of collective good, and we’re happy to help support this cause with all of you. The $1000 goal feeds 70 healthcare workers, but of course the more we raise the more we can contribute.

How to donate?

We’re glad you asked! Simply send you payment online the same way you pay for your shares, via PayPal. Two rules for payments:

  1. Remember to choose “Sending to a friend” so PayPal won’t charge a fee
  2. In the Note section add “Donation for Queens Feeds Hospitals” so we know what it’s for

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