Winter Shares, Week #1

Golden Earthworm Share*
Beets – 2 lobs
Rutabaga – 2 lbs
Watermelon Radish – 2.5 lbs
Sweet Potatoes – 2 lb.
White Potatoes – 2 lbs
Carrots – 5 lb.
Fennel – 2 pieces
*Contents of the share may fluctuate over the week.

Golden Earthworm Cider Share

Golden Earthworm Apple Share
Mixed apples (Cameo & Fuji) 1 bag

Winter Sun Share
Sweet Corn
Green Beans
Tomato Puree
Plus an extra frozen item (read news below)

Winter Sun Share a la carte options

Fishmongers Fish Share

A few friendly reminders & updates:

Welcome to Winter Shares!

Thanks for joining us! We have a lot of new food offerings this season, and as we roll them out, we hope you’ll check out the “extras” that can be delivered with (or without) you vegetable shares. Be sure to join our Yahoo group because this is how we send important info and updates! Contact Us anytime with questions, comments or suggestions!

Happy Holidays from Sunnyside CSA!

NEWS From Winter Sun Farms

A Note from our Winter Sun farmers:
Dear Sunnyside CSA members,
We are sorry to say that this month has been a hard one for pea shoots. The farm that we get our pea shoots from, Little Seed Gardens in Chatham, NY, was hit particularly hard with a cold snap and they lost their pea shoots.

The plan as it stands is to have pea shoots again in January and in subsequent months. In the meantime, you will get an extra frozen item in your December share in place of the pea shoots.

We know how beloved the pea shoots are among our members, so we are sad to bring you to this news.

Happy holidays!

Jim and the Winter Sun Farms Team

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