Last Chance to Order Dairy Shares

Milk Not Jails

Sunnyside CSA is excited to work with Milk Not Jails for a second season! We encourage folks who love fresh local milk to try yogurt and milk samples on Thursday, May 30th, at our first CSA distribution of the season. If you like what you taste, sign up for a 24 week season (2 weeks shy of a full season) of delicious dairy goods from upstate sources. You can feel good about contributing to the activist goals of Milk Not Jails, which also serves as a grassroots campaign to change New York’s relationship to prison economies by revitalizing agriculture.

Milk Not Jails 24-week Dairy Shares

The 24 week share will include deliveries of milk and/or yogurt from small, local farms partnering with Milk Not Jails. Prices for shares vary by item and are prorated for 24 weeks (instead of the full 26).

  • Yogurt 32oz. tubs: $96 ($4 per 32 oz.)
    Plain Whole Milk or Plain Non-fat
  • Milk-Half gallons: $120 ($5 per half gallon)
    Whole or Low-fat
  • Milk-Quarts: $105 ($3 per quart + $1.50 bottle deposit)
    Whole or Low-fat

If interested, please join us on Thursday, May 30th and sign up for the share in person. Payment can be made via check or Paypal.

You do not have to be a Sunnyside CSA member to enjoy Milk Not Jails dairy shares—yay!

Deliveries will be at our regular distribution time and location: Thursdays from 5-8pm at Sunnyside Community Center.

Questions? Contact us!

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