Want to Join the CSA Core Group?! Opening for a Special Products Coordinator Position

As we transition to winter and cool-weather veggies, the CSA Core Group is also making a few changes, and we need your help! To keep the CSA running, we have an immediate need for a new Special Products Coordinator. If you want to get to know your community better, get more involved with the world of local, organic food, and want to learn more about sustainable farming in and around NYC, here’s a great opportunity!

Special Products Coordinator
This person coordinates logistics for all CSA products outside of the regular Golden Earthworm vegetable and fruit shares. They are the primary contact for, and liaison with, the farms that provide us with meat, eggs, dairy and frozen veggies (aka: Lewis Waite Farms, Milk Not Jails and Winter Sun Farms). Remember, all Core Group members are volunteers and this position requires that you be available to communicate with our partnering farms, answer CSA member questions, and attend our monthly Core Group meetings. Needless to say, if you become a Core Group member, it will fulfill your volunteer requirement for the CSA.

So if you’re organized, sociable, and interested in getting more involved in the running of the CSA, we need you!

CONTACT US if you’re interested or curious.


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