Making the most of your CSA box

Guest post by Tara Wood

I have been a member of the Sunnyside CSA farm share for four years now. Taking part in a farm share is a wonderful, exciting, and adventurous endeavor, but it can also be overwhelming at times. More often than not you just don’t get around to cooking all those veggies! I always feel like such a failure when I have to throw away an overlooked vegetable in my fridge. For this first installment, I have come up with several ways to make sure you are getting the most out of your CSA.


Thursday night is a busy evening in our house. I usually take my 3 year old with me to pick up my farm share around 5 and then we grab a quick pizza for dinner. I put each veggie in a separate plastic grocery bag and then place them in my fridge or on the counter, depending on the storage tips from Golden Earthworm.


On Friday I start to make a meal plan as I sip my morning coffee. I start with the contents of my box and design a meal plan to use all the ingredients. If there is a lot of cabbage in the box, then I might design tacos with a cabbage chipotle slaw. If the box is loaded with zucchini, then shredded zucchini pizza, pasta with zucchini, or a zucchini quiche. I seem to get a lot of swiss chard so I routinely plan on making Moroccan chick pea stew and chard stew over couscous.


Then I head to the grocery store to get the rest of what I need. Depending on the week, I might prep my veggies on Saturday. That way I am all set for the week! But of course there are other weeks – especially in the summer – when life is too crazy to get to all that meal planing and cooking. Stay tuned for some time and money saving tricks for those busy weeks coming up in my next post!


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