In the Box–June 19th

Note–this is just a sneak preview. Contents are subject to change as the farmers get through the actual harvest.

Spinach – 1 bunch
Garlic Scapes* – 1 bunch
Red Batavian Lettuce – 1 head
Red Boston Lettuce – 1 head
White Salad Turnips OR Toscano Kale OR Baby Bok Choi – 1 bunch

*The scape is the top of the garlic plant– a delicacy you only get to savor for a few weeks each June, so enjoy! Remove the top head (the bulbous lighter part). The rest is edible. It has a distinct garlic flavor, but it is certainly milder than the cloves. are the top of the garlic plant.


In a bag in the fridge…
Lettuce, Spinach, Scapes, Turnips, Kale & Bok Choi

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