Report on CCNY Grant

This year, the Sunnyside CSA was the proud recipient of a $3000 grant from Citizen Committee for New York City. Our goal in applying for this grant was to secure much-needed funds to increase awareness of the Sunnyside CSA, particularly our subsidized share program.

So far, we’ve used the grant funds for:

And in just a few weeks, we’ll be offering a few workshops through local public schools:

  • Workshops for children will include a fun healthy food demo and nutrition education, and students will receive CSA info for parents
  • Workshops for parents of school-aged children will include CSA and subsidy program info, food demo, nutrition and information on local foods

We hope these events encourage discussion and participation in local food systems while also making these programs accessible for more community members.

Did you participate in any of our programs? We’d love your feedback! Post a comment or contact us!

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