Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I pick up my share?
Thursdays between 5:00pm and 8:00pm at Sunnyside Community Services, 43-31 39th Street between 43rd Ave and Queens Blvd.

What happens if I don’t pick up my share?
You may have someone else pick it up for you. Just be sure to let them know about pick up procedures. If your box isn’t picked up during the distribution time, it is donated to Sunnyside Community Services.

How do I know that the produce is organic?
We partner with The Golden Earthworm Organic Farm, LLC, which is certified by a third-party certifier, NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC. The use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides is prohibited in Certified Organic Production. Read more about Golden Earthworm and the certification process.

How much produce will I get each week?
There are between 6 and 10 items in the box each week. During the summer and autumn months, the shares are much fuller than during the first few weeks in the spring. Large families eating a primarily vegetarian diet sometimes order more than one full share. Smaller families or single people often find splitting a share works best.

What types of vegetables can I expect to find in my share?
It depends on the season, but the Golden Earthworm Harvest Schedule gives a good example.

What if I don’t like some of the vegetables we get?
You mean you don’t love all vegetables? Just kidding, we have a “Swap Box” on site where you can deposit your unwanted veggies or swap for something else you prefer.

What if a full share is too much for me?
Split with a friend (or two!). During sign-ups one person will be the primary member (and ultimately responsible for the share), but we do accept split payments and anyone can sign up for the volunteer shifts.

What if I can’t afford the full share price?
Our CSA raises money to subsidize a small number of shares for households with limited income. Read more about our Subsidy Program or contact us for more information.

What’s involved with volunteering?
This entire process is volunteer run! In order to stay up and operational, we need every member to help out by volunteering during distribution each season. There are three volunteer shifts every Thursday. Please see our volunteer page for more information.

Can I transfer my share to someone else? 
If for any reason you no longer want your CSA share, feel free to find someone to take ownership. Try our Facebook page, if you’re looking! Email us at to let us know you are changing ownership, and provide us with the new owner’s information (name, phone number and email). The new owner is responsible for any volunteer work, etc as if it was theirs from the beginning.

What’s your operating budget like?
The main fees for your shares go to the respective farms and businesses, but the admin fees support our local organizational costs. Below is a sample from a previous year. We also do fundraisers throughout the year that directly support our subsidy program.csa_budget_2013

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  1. Hi, My husband came to the Open House, but couldn’t stay long enough to drop off a check. Can we still sign up for a summer veggie share? If so, what should we do? Thanks!

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