What the veg?

Summer Squash / Zucchini

Nutritional Facts:
1 cup of raw squash has 20 calories.  It has 1 gram of Fiber and 2 of protein.  It offers 34% of the reccomended daily intake of vitamin C and is a good source of b6 and K as well.  It is also considered a good source for riboflavin and folates as well.

General Facts:
There are several types of summer squash, but zucchini is the most popular.  Squash belong to the plant family that includes melons and cucumbers. The skin and rind of summer squash are rich in the nutrient beta-carotene, but the fleshy portion of this vegetable is not. To gain the full nutritional benefits of this vegetable, the skins or rinds must be eaten.

Store in plastic bags in the refrigerator. Fresh summer squash should keep for up to a week. Thicker-shinned varieties such as chayote will stay fresh for two weeks or longer.


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