What the veg?


Store in fridge in plastic bag w/dampened paper towel. Do not pre-wash, unless you want to freeze it.
Did you know you can freeze your kale? Wash, then blanch for 3 minutes, drain and plunge into ice water. Chill for 2 minutes, drain, then pack in freezer containers or bags. Use within 6 months.

Cooking tips:
Long simmered Green Kale loses its bright color as it simmers; the flavor of the leaves is strong, yet sweet.  Be sure to sop up the sweet liquid in the pot with bread!
If you blanch and then pan-cook your kale it will be brighter, in color and flavor, but will yield much less, because it loses volume when it’s blanched.

One simple cup of boiled kale has 2 grams of protein, 3 of fiber, only 36 calories and 354% of the day’s serving of Vitamin A!!


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