Lewis Waite Volunteer Shift Instructions

Thank you for volunteering at distribution, it’s volunteers like you make the CSA possible.

  1. When you arrive at 4:30, there should be a stack of brown boxes. One of them will have a manila envelope taped to it. Remove the envelope and the contents. Inside will be a stamped white envelope addressed to Lewis Waite Farm, a few sheets of instructions, an order list and a list of everyone’s complete order alphabetical by first name.
  2. Set up for distribution by arranging the boxes around one of the tables. Put the egg boxes to your left when you are sitting at the table, the meat boxes in front with the post-it notes of names facing outward and the grocery items and dairy to your right when sitting at the table. Open all the boxes with the scissors/box cutter from the plastic tub.
  3. As people come to pick up their order, check off their names on the order list. Ask them if they are paying by check or PayPal. The “PayPal” column means that they can pay by PayPal, not that they have. If the PayPal column says no, they have to give you a check made out to “CSA – Lewis Waite Farm.” If the PayPal column says yes, they may say they paid already by PayPal or they may give you a check. Put checks into the white envelope and mark off the “Paid” column on the order list.
  4. Look for their order on the complete order list and make sure they get all parts of it. They can collect the meat themselves by looking for their names on the post-it notes but you should help them collect their eggs, dairy and grocery items. It is very easy to forget an item. Don’t count on them remembering everything, please double check it against the master list.
  5. People will occasionally turn in empty egg cartons. At the end of the night, they will be put in storage with the rest of the Lewis Waite boxes.
  6. When the 6:15 volunteer arrives, let that person know if there have been any problems. Make sure you also note any problems on the order list: missing products, damaged item, no payment, etc. If there is anything major, please call the Special Products Coordinator (Victoria’s phone number is available at the site).
  7. As distribution goes on, break down empty boxes and consolidate the styrofoam inserts and ice packs into unused boxes. Everything will go back to Lewis Waite.
  8. At 7:30 pm, please place a courtesy call to anyone who has not picked up to remind them that they have until 8 pm to pick up their order.
  9. When distribution is over, the Lewis Waite boxes will go downstairs to the basement with the rest of the CSA materials.
  10. The special products coordinator (Victoria) will stop by at 8:00 pm to pick up the envelope of checks and the order list and see if there were any problems with distribution.

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