Raffle Ticket Sales

Thank you for volunteering for raffle tickets sales! Please do your best to bring people over to your table to share info on our raffle drawing this week! It’s volunteers like you make the CSA possible.

Before your shift starts please bring $30 in an envelope to use as your “bank” for the raffle ticket sales as we won’t be able to drop off the CSA raffle bank before you get there. Small bills are recommended including at least $10 in singles. Please take back your starting bank when you leave for the night.

The roll of raffle tickets and pens can be found in our plastic CSA box at Sunnyside Community Services; one of the site coordinators will point out where you can find that box. There will also be some signs you can display with ticket prices, as well as some flyers for the subsidy program in the box that should also be on display. 

This raffle is for _________________.  The winner will get ________________ .

Ticket prices are as follows: $5 for 1 ticket, $10 for 3 tickets, and $20 for 10 tickets.
Please have members write their name and number on the back of their tickets so we know how to get in touch with them if they win.


Please emphasize that raffle ticket sales help support our Subsidy Program, so more local families can afford access to fresh, organic, local produce. Don’t be shy in telling inquiring folks what the raffle is for – helping out people in our community!

One of the core group members will come by at the end of the evening to collect raffle tickets and the bank. If you contributed a bank when you arrived, please don’t forget to take your $30 at the end of the night.

If you have raffle sales related questions, call our events/fundraising coordinator, Anita at 314-518-0303.

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