Fish Volunteer Shift Instructions

Thank you for volunteering at distribution, it’s volunteers like you make the CSA possible.

We have 17 fish share members, and each member should receive the same amount of fish. Most often, there will be several coolers, each with 17 individual packages- 1 for each member. Your most important job is to make sure that each shareholder receives a fair share. If there is a deviation from the norm, there will be specific instructions on the sign in sheet, and the Site or Special Products Coordinator will brief you.

4:30 – When you arrive, there will be several coolers of fish. The fish sign-in sheet can be found on the table near the coolers and will have specific instructions on the fish count, and how it should be distributed.

Ask the site coordinator if there are any other issues you should be aware of.

Count the fish in each cooler and make a note of how many there are of each species. The sign in sheet will inform you of how many fish each shareholder should receive. Set up your station so you can easily grab things, but leave the lids on the coolers so the product stays cold. Arrange the coolers behind your table to discourage people from going in them on their own.

5:00 – As people arrive, make sure that they do not get their own fish. Get their name, gather the specific fish for that month’s share, and hand it to them. Mark off their names on the sign-in sheet and make sure you’re giving them the correct items. There might be a notes section in special cases, so don’t forget to make one if need be. Don’t let them rush you. If things are slow, you can tidy up the distribution site or give other volunteers a hand.

6:00 – 6:15 – Let the next volunteer shift know if the Site or Special Products Coordinator had any special instructions for today, if you have any issues with distribution, and make sure they have the instruction sheet. If issues, concerns or questions arise, call the Special Products Coordinator.

6:15 Thanks for being here to close out the evening. We really couldn’t do this without volunteers like you. Once you are settled in and have read the instructions, count the fish and make a note of how many there are. If there is a discrepancy, contact the Special Product Coordinator.

7:30 – Call the people who haven’t picked up their fish and remind them that they have until 8pm to pick it up. You can start cleaning up. When the fish coolers are empty, offer the ice packs to anybody around. Any extra icepacks and the plastic bags should be thrown away. The coolers and broken down cardboard boxes should go in the small room behind the veggie boxes.

8:00 – Leftover product is consolidated into one cooler and donated to Sunnyside Community Services. Please put it with the unclaimed vegetable boxes. Make a note on the sign-in sheet about donated product put it into the CSA’s plastic bin in the accordion folder.

Thanks for your awesome work- you did great.

Community Supported Agriculture in the 11104