6:15-8:15 Volunteer Shift Instructions

Please DO NOT be late; the 4:30 shift would like to be able to leave on time.

  1. Replace the 4:30 volunteers – Take over for the 4:30 volunteers manning the sign-in tables when you arrive. Your primary responsibility is to check off members and then allow them to retrieve their share(s). For apple, cider and fish shares and Lewis Waite products, you should personally hand out these products to ensure that they are distributed correctly. For members who are splitting a share, you will check off the share when the first shareholder arrives. If they will leave ½ of the share for their partner to pick up later, instruct them to label the ½ share with their partner’s name, and leave it under the tables. Those members who are splitting a share are solely responsible for ensuring that their partner gets an equal share.
  2. Sign in –In the Site Log Book, write the date, your name and your shift time, and record any issues you encounter during your shift.
  3. Throughout distribution –Keep the floor clean of scraps. There should be brooms and dustpans nearby. Make sure the empty boxes are neatly stacked on the hand truck. If there are any problems contact the site coordinator.
  4. Begin Cleanup before 8 PM – Begin sweeping the floor and cleaning off furniture. Please do not leave ANY vegetable scraps on the floor or furniture. Clean the knife and cutting board and place them in the plastic tub.
  5. Distribution is officially over at 8 PM – List any unclaimed shares in the log book. Leave unclaimed veg and dairy shares neatly stacked for the janitors to take to the kitchen. Place the sign-in sheet, log book, whiteboard and CSA signs in the plastic tub. If any members arrive after 8 PM, you may allow them to take a share at your discretion, but they still must sign in.
  6. Put away the CSA’s materials – Neatly pile the empty boxes on the hand truck and place the plastic tub, folded blue plastic milk boxes and tarp on top. Take the materials down to the basement. The security guard or janitor will let you into the basement. If there were also Lewis Waite products, the foam insulation and empty brown boxes should be stored along with the other CSA materials.

The site coordinator will return around 8 PM to help clean up and go over any problems you may have encountered.

Thank you for volunteering! We couldn’t do it without you!

Community Supported Agriculture in the 11104