Lewis Waite Volunteer Shift Instructions

Things to note for this shift:

  • Lewis Waite Farm always sends information about their network on paper in the manila envelope. Feel free to share info with members.
  • The site coordinator will let you know if there is any CSA news to share with members when they pick up their orders. 
  • Sign up for this shift here

Start at 4:30
-Look for the stack of brown boxes, and a manila envelope taped to one. Inside will be a stamped white envelope addressed to Lewis Waite Farm, a few sheets of instructions, a pickup list, and a master list of everyone’s complete order, alphabetical by first name. Open all the boxes with the scissors/box cutter from the CSA tote.
-Set up for distribution by arranging the boxes around one of the tables. Boxes like eggs and dairy contain everyone’s orders together. These you will need to distribute. Some boxes, like meat, may have names on post-its. Place these name side out so people can pick them up themselves.
-If it is special products day, you will be in charge of the fish share as well. Open and setup those boxes, and make sure you have the fish pickup list on your table.

Ask other volunteers for help if you don’t think you’ll be able to set-up everything by 5pm.

Start distribution at 5:00
-Check names off the master list as they arrive. Then go over their order to make sure they get each individual item.
-Self-collected items should be double-checked to ensure they picked up the correct bag, and that all their contents are inside.
-Volunteers locate eggs, dairy and grocery items.
-Double check the list items. Don’t count on members to remember everything on their list.
-If people turn in empty egg cartons, store them with the rest of the Lewis Waite boxes at the end of the night.
-If it is a fish share day, hand one bag of fish to each shareholder, and check them off the list.
-If you have collected money from anyone for their order, please place it in the envelope.

Wrap up first shift, 6:15-6:30
-Record any issues you encounter during your shift at the bottom of the pick-up list, including damaged items or missing products. If there is anything major, please call the Special Products Coordinator.
-Hand over to the next set of volunteers that are replacing you (arriving at 6:15 pm). Pass on any special instructions or CSA news to them.

Starting second shift, 6:15
-Follow the 5:00 distribution instructions.
-As distribution goes on, break down empty boxes, and consolidate styrofoam inserts and ice packs into unused boxes. Everything will go back to Lewis Waite to be reused!

Begin clean-up at 7:30
-Help the other volunteers sweep the floor, and clean off tables and chairs (please do not leave ANY food scraps). If you cannot find a broom, cleaning spray and paper towels, ask the janitor or security guard.

Distribution is over at 8:00
-List any unclaimed shares at the end of the pickup list.
-Place the pickup lists, CSA signs and other materials in the accordion folder. Put everything in the CSA tote bag.
-Members who arrive after 8pm, can take a share at your discretion. Please mark their name on the list.
-Record any issues you encounter during your shift at the bottom of the pick-up list.
-Empty Lewis Waite boxes (ice packs, etc) will go to the basement with the other CSA materials.

The site coordinator will mail out the envelope of checks and the order list. Make sure all problems (missing or damaged items, etc.) have been recorded and passed on.

If there is a major problem, call the special products coordinator. The number is on the top of every pickup list. Thank you for volunteering! We couldn’t do it without you!

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