3:00 Volunteer Shift Instructions

3:00 Volunteer Shift

This shift helps unload the truck and setup the pickup area. Manual labor is involved and you may get dirty. 

Please be on time. The delivery truck driver has multiple CSA stops to make.

If you need to sign up for this shift, follow the link below to the main volunteer page.

Arrive at 3:00

A CSA site coordinator will meet you at the entrance. In the event that they are not there, the security guard or janitor can let you into the basement. 

Retrieve the following from the SCS basement, and load on the hand truck:

  • All of the waxed veggie boxes from the previous week
  • Tote bag (supplies including cutting board and knife)
  • Blue tarp

Any egg cartons, foam insulation or brown, non-waxy boxes should be left in the storage area.

Take the hand truck out the main entrance to meet the delivery truck. They will take the empty boxes.

Setup the distribution area

Spread the blue tarp on the floor at the back of the common area (just past the hand rails). This is where the full boxes will be stacked.

Unload this week’s shares

You can transport shares from the truck using the service entrance to save time. Stack the full veggie boxes on the blue tarp. The driver will provide you with a delivery invoice.

Finish your shift

Leave the CSA materials, delivery invoice and sign-in sheets ready for the next volunteers. Initial your name in the volunteer section of the pickup list.

Feel free to take your share and check yourself off the pick-up list.

If there is a major problem, call the site coordinator at any point. The number is on the top of every pickup list. Thank you for volunteering, we couldn’t do it without you!

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