Baja-Style Soft Tacos With Spicy Chicken

recipe via NY1; image via Serious Eats

What makes the Baja-style tacos unique is that they are simply served with thinly-sliced white cabbage, chopped cilantro and a lime mayonnaise. To make lime mayonnaise, mix up regular mayonnaise with a generous amount of lime juice squeezed into it, which helps thin out the mayonnaise and give it a nice citrus punch.

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Corn or flour tortillas
White cabbage
Lime juice
Olive oil
Cajun spice rub

1. Cut the boneless skinless chicken breasts crosswise into thin slices, drizzle a little olive oil on top of them and generously season them with the Cajun spice rub.

2. The chicken can be cooked outside on the grill or in a large nonstick pan or in a heavy cast iron skillet. If a skillet is used, add a little splash of oil and cook the chicken on both sides until it is cooked through but not dried out.

3. Now, assemble the tacos. Put two or three soft shells on a plate and top them with some cooked chicken, a little shredded cabbage, some of the lime mayonnaise and a sprinkling of fresh-chopped cilantro.