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Product Highlight: Backyard Bees (+ Fall Sign-ups)

Have you been missing out on the special product shares this summer? At pick-up Thursday you can sign up for fall shares of these same products!

As an added bonus on Thursday, Backyard Bees will be there in person to help with sign-ups and answer any questions you might have about staying squeaky clean with their local-made soaps.

Backyard Bees soaps are all natural, small batch soaps–made by one of our first Sunnyside CSA coordinators. This connection gives all of our members access to cold-processed, hand-made soaps at great prices.

This season we’ve been enjoying selections like wild dandelion tea combined with honey and beeswax straight from Backyard Bees own hives. We also had a special members-only bar, Coco Loco, with a light, fresh scent and a long-lasting lather–and are excited for upcoming combos like Charcoal Mint, Green Tea with Honey & Turmeric, and Cucumber Borage. All the bars are made to refresh your skin with a mix of natural elements and essential oils.

If you’d like more info about Backyard Bees, check out their website, or come meet Kathy in person on Thursday!

To sign up for Fall Shares online visit


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