Strawberry Mint Lassi

I ordered a summery Thai mango salad from I Am Thai, my favorite Wednesday nite local Thai (or when I’m not in the mood to hoof it over to Sripraphai).
Foolishly, I ordered the salad “spicy”, forgetting that they are one of the few who mean spicy when they say spicy.
Now I can handle heat, but I couldn’t handle this. Even after literally rinsing the mango in water, I couldn’t rinse the salad from the seeming millions of little white pepper seeds and of course, the red slivers of dried pepper.
I quickly adapted this Strawberry Mint Lassi recipe that I saw on Food52 to mitigate the burn.
It was delicious, and so pretty with its pink color flecked with green bits of mint.
It’s not too sweet (the original recipe calls for sugar, but I omitted), and a perfect use for any bottom of the barrel, less than pristine looking berries.

1/2 cup Greek yogurt
1/4 cup milk
8 strawberries, leaves removed
a big bunch of mint leaves

1. Put all ingredients in a tall cup and mix with an immersion (hand) blender. You could do the same with a traditional blender, but then you’d have a big mess to clean up.

2. Drink with a straw.

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