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Lewis Waite Order Deadline

Order raw milk cheese by Tuesday 1/27 and everything else by Thursday 1/29 for delivery on Tuesday 2/3. Everything you need to order can be found here.

Farm Network Updates:

3 Corner Field Farm: Karen is offering a rare special for February and March on her aged sheep milk cheese including Frere Fumant (smoked cheese), Battenkill Brebis, and Brebis Bleu! If you have not tried these gourmet cheeses yet, do your mouth a favor and take advantage of the sale on these award winning cheeses!
Here’s Karen Weinberg on developing her cheese business and farm:

Argyllshire Lamb: Barbara brought over some more lamb stew kabobs to keep us warm on these cold winter nights. She’s also still running a special on 100% grass fed lamb Loin Chops.

Berle Farm: Beatrice has dried off her cows, so no more yogurt for a few months. Sad sigh. We can still get the thick Sheep Milk Yogurt from 3 Corner Field Farm, but no cow yogurt until Beatrice’s ladies start calving in the spring. We hope to have it in March, but our deliveries are early in the month, so we are not making promises.

Cascun/FreeBird: Sorry we ran low on chicken last month, but we’ll have plenty in for the February delivery.

Cowbella Dairy: Hooray! Dave and Shannon are sending some butter our way, from their Jersey herd. We will pick up some more Kefir, as well, and, to help us sell it and you save more, we’ll be offering a set of 6 in mixed flavors for a reduced rate. We’ll take requests as to included flavors as our inventory allows.

Grazin’ Acres Farm: just restocked their freezers with their Heritage breed, pasture raised pork. Order earlier to get tenderloin or to try the Canadian bacon. Belly bacon, shoulder bacon and jowl bacon also available.

Kriemhild Dairy: New item! Unsalted Meadow Butter rolls in a 1 pound size. Wrapped in paper, no plastic tubs. We also restocked on the 8 oz size tubs as Bruce passed by Albany this weekend.

Lewis Waite Farm: We’ll have just a little pork in this month. Please see the note from the farm for more information.

Oliver’s Organic Eggs: Oliver can only meet us once before the delivery week in the winter, usually the Monday of delivery week – if you missed out on organic eggs in January, get your orders in early for February. Once we sell out, that’s all she wrote, folks. We can get more local, non-organic eggs from neighboring farms, but not many around us sell certified organic eggs.

Stonewood Farm: Stonewood Farm has raised their prices slightly, and we have had to follow suit. The good news is that the dark ground turkey is back in stock! Annnnnd…We are having a sale on whole turkeys. Be sure to check our our Specials section this month, we have quite a few products on sale.

Washington County Farm: We are having a sale on sausage! Sweet and Hot Italian, and Eagle Bridge’s delicious breakfast sausage recipe (that’s the same seasoning as Lewis Waite and Grazin’ Acres). It’s not just for breakfast, so try this peppery flavor in your red sauces, egg dishes, and with a pile of greens, too! Makes a great lasagna, according to Nancy’s sister Judy.

West River Creamery: Cambridge with Chipotle back in stock! Also, we’ve made the move to only offering the 1/2 pound pieces, since they are more frequently sold than the 1 pound pieces. Please order multiple ½ pound pieces for your full pound. If you wanted a 1 lb piece, order early, write us a note, and we might be able to accommodate.
We are also getting in more of Jane’s wonderful (Iceberg Farm) lamb sausage with red wine, rosemary, and feta, along with her pork, garlic, and parmesan. There has been a price increase on these, so we will make them available as soon as that is all settled.

Yoder Farm: is starting to run low on some supplies of heirloom beans. Order early or they may be all gone! We did get in more of Ryan’s apple sauces and live cider vinegar before the last delivery.

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