Lewis Waite Order Deadline for 6/4 pickup

Order raw milk cheese by tonight and everything else by Monday 6/1. You’ll find everything you need on the Lewis Waite website.

What does Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras do?

Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras program strives to connect small farms and consumers within our region. We offer a single platform for you to gain access to a wide variety of farm fresh, all natural, artisan, and organic products. Between our Extras service and your CSA share, you can eliminate (at least greatly reduce!) your trips to the grocery store.

We partner with small, family run operations. We believe in getting as close to the source as we can, so we know what we, and therefore you, are getting. If you have questions, we can ask the person who grew or made your food. You can read from the full list of farms and producers about their farms or operations on our website, or simply email or call us and we will find the answer for you. Our producers take great pride in their products, and we take pride in offering them to you.

We can offer you pasture raised meat and poultry (10 kinds of meat), fresh eggs and bread, grass fed butter, yogurt and ice cream, artisan cheese from sheep, goat or cows’ milk, including aged raw milk cheeses. We offer many pantry staples, too, all local and naturally made. Granola, fresh ground organic flour, dried organic beans and grains, natural jams and chutneys, natural sweeteners, lacto fermented foods, apple cider vinegar, and more. You can see a complete list on our website.

You pay as you go, and order only what you want. You will need to create a personal profile for our website, before you can order, to tag you as a member of an approved group. Just go to our site and request a link for your CSA, or see our latest newsletter. If you can’t make up your mind from our extensive offerings, we offer sampler “Share” packages that blend many of these products.

Product Updates:

3 Corner Field Farm: Karen has had time to make and age some Shushan Snow mini-wheels, after pausing for lambing season. Shushan Snow is her semi-soft mold ripened cheese, like Brie, made exclusively with her grassfed sheep’s milk, and is an office favorite.

Beth’s Farm Kitchen: Just in time for cookout season, we’re getting in Beth’s Barbeque Sauce! We also have the mustards, made with Cayuga Pure Organics mustard seeds, on special this month. Hudson Valley Ketchup completes your sauce needs for a great cookout.

Fior D’Italia: The raviolis, pastas and sauces have been a big hit! Vic is so pleased with the good reception, and says thanks! We’ll be getting in more frozen entrees next week, for those nights you just don’t want to cook.

Harry’s Honey House:* Derek is out of the 2 lb jars of Raw Honey – what we have now is it until fall, but we should have plenty of 1 lb jars to last until the harvest. Raw honey is very lightly filtered, just enough to remove big chunks. It contains bits of pollen and propolis, and is a natural source of minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium as well as vitamin B complex. *not available to Stoneledge CSAs – please source your honey, syrup, and coffee through their Marketplace.

Kriemhild Dairy: Bruce just dropped us of another load of Meadow Butter – the 1 lb rolls now come in salted or unsalted, no plastic tub to recycle.

Stonewood Farm: Peter let us know that he is out of dark ground turkey until after Thanksgiving – sorry folks! We should have plenty of half light, half dark meat, and all white breast meat. We’re also getting in more lean turkey breast cutlets, great for a quick dinner.

West River Creamery: Jane let us know that she is out of Cambridge (her Cheddar style) until her latest batch is ready. The Londonderry is a nice slicing cheese, or there is Sugarloaf Farm Cheddar to meet your Cheddar cravings.

Yoder Farm: Ryan is out of all beans except for Black Beans until the fall – grab your heritage beans while they last, we are really running low.

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