Lewis Waite Order Deadline–April

Did you know Lewis Waite offers coffee, tee, and spices in addition to eggs, dairy, and meat? Last month I tried the Fire Cider and I swear it kept that tickle in my nose from turning into a full blown cold.

Order deadlines for delivery on April 14th:
Raw milk cheese by Tuesday April 7th
Everything else by Thursday, April 9th

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Product Updates

New vendors Gardenworks, Fior D’Italia, Sugarloaf, and Taking Root Teas and Apothecary were a huge hit last month – thanks for giving them a try! Feedback is always welcome – it’s how we improve! They have all expressed their gratitude for your support and interest in their ventures. It’s a great community to be a part of.

This month we will have some goat milk Parmesan from the Homestead Artisans at Longview Farm! We hope more goat dairy products will become available as the spring creeps in.

3 Corner Field Farm: is breaking from producing fresh products during lambing season. Karen often spends the whole night in a lawn chair in the lambing barn, just to be on hand if there is a problem with her girls. There will be no Sheep Milk Yogurt, Brebis Blanche, or Brebis buttons for this delivery. Aged cheeses and lamb are still available.

Argyllshire Farm: Barbara is running a special on lamb breast. These are on the bone, kind of like a cross between a brisket and a sparerib. Great for stews, just remove the bone when the meat falls off, or try a low and slow cook like spareribs or beef back ribs.

Berle Farm: is back! Beatrice is making yogurt again, a sure sign of spring! These quarts of cow milk yogurt are certified organic, thick and creamy, with a layer of cream on top. MMM MMM Good! It’s an office favorite, and we can’t wait to run down and pick a few cases. We’ll share, don’t worry…but order soon!

Beth’s Farm Kitchen: We’re making the trip down to GEM Farms for buffalo, which means a stop along the highway to our meet up spot with Beth’s team. It’s so sweet that they go out of their way to keep our costs low by saving us on shipping. Logistically complicated, but worth it to save you the extra costs. We’ll have Strawberry Jam, Black Raspberry, and of course, Hudson Valley Ketchup.

Cascun Farm: will restock us with half-chickens! We’ll also get in more Free Bird Chicken breast and thighs.

Hawthorne Valley Farm: we restocked on our last trip down to NYC, where we met them at the
Inwood Market. We have plenty of Plain Sauerkraut, as well as the flavors. No curry for the moment.

Farmer Ground Flour: Greg will be grinding up a fresh batch of flour for us – we’ll have tasty Polenta, fresh stone ground All Purpose flour, and Half White/European brown flour.

Fior D’Italia: will be bringing more Wild Mushroom Lasagna, Tomato Basil sauce, and raviolis. Vic says his Eggplant Parmesan shouldn’t be missed, and we’ll have that available for ordering this month as well.

Gardenworks: More organically managed frozen blueberries and raspberries on the way. A perfect addition to your morning yogurt, pancakes, or smoothie!

Lewis Waite Farm: has new pork! It was a long wait, and we thank you for your patience! Chops, roasts, bacon – all already flying out the door. Log on early to get yours! We did raise our pork prices, as over winter feeding of the expensive non-GMO feed has caught up to us, and kelp and processing prices are also on the rise.

Lucy Jo’s Coffee Roastery: is working on some new flavors, and we’ll get those listings completed as we get the information. The new industrial grinder makes grinding the beans a breeze, they report. Thanks for your support!

Washington County Farm: We’re having a blowout sausage sale! Perfect for the last chili of the season, or the first grilling (if it ever warms up!!). The breakfast sausage isn’t just for breakfast – Nancy’s sister Judy loves it in Lasagna or red sauce, as its peppery bite adds something special and little different than the Italian sausages. Try mixing the Sweet Italian sausage with ground beef for great burgers or meatloaf.

West River Creamery: Jane is raising her prices for the first time in years. With all the added costs that seem to pile up with a little extra here and there, this price increase seems overdue. She also has her Equinox cheese back in stock, and we got some pork, garlic, and parmesan sausages in.

Yoder Farm: Ryan has let us know he’s out of all beans except the black turtle! What we have now is all we will have until fall harvest. We are talking to Cayuga Pure Organics, and expect to get a delivery of their beans and grains (yes, they are fully recovered from the fire) to last us through the summer. Ryan also has a new Saratoga apple sauce made from spi-gold apples, which he feels is the best sauce yet.

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