Lewis Waite Only Delivery–May 12

The winter veggie shares may be finished but Lewis Waite carries on! Order raw milk cheese by Tuesday May 5 and everything else by Thursday May 7th for delivery at Sunnyside Community Services from 5pm-8pm on Thursday, May 12th.

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Product Updates:

3 Corner Field Farm: Sheep milk products are back in production. Paul told us all the lambs seemed to come at once, keeping Karen hopping from ewe to ewe. Overall it was a great lambing season, and she is happy to be back in the cheese room making sheep milk yogurt, fresh cheeses, and of course, new batches of her hard cheeses to start aging.

Beth’s Farm Kitchen: Your favorite jam makers have been featured on the Food Networks’s Farmhouse Kitchen show. Now everyone knows how delicious and versatile quality jams, jellies and chutneys can be. Check out their recipe for Sage-Rubbed Chicken with Spicy Peach Glaze using Beth’s Farm Kitchen’s own peach jam and red pepper jelly. Try your own with a pastured raised Mack Brin whole chicken, which happen to be on sale this month!

Duck Eggs: we now have an additional farm offering fresh duck eggs. Laughing Stock farm in located in Cambridge NY. Lincoln Bridge and Helen McIntosh put enormous amounts of love and care in the poultry farm, where their chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese pasture together in open fields and roost in re-purposed campers and school bus. The ducks eat a nature foraged diet that is supplemented seasonally with locally grown GMO-free grain.

Battenkill Brittle: With warm weather comes fun outdoor activities that keep us moving all day long. Battenkill Brittle is loaded with energy that lasts. Developed by avid cyclist Leslie Kielson, she was looking for an energy food that wasn’t loaded with chemicals and satisfied her hunger without weighing her down, so she and her partner developed Battenkill Brittle.

Lewis Waite Farm: We are running low on our regular ground beef. It might be time for you to give the Bull meat a try! It’s lean, full of flavor, and tastes great. Our office staff agrees that it is not gamey at all, great in dishes or as burgers.

Sugar Mill Farm: Sugaring season is wrapping up around here and Sugar Mill Farm is fully stocked with Maple Syrup. When placing your order keep in mind that there are new grading and labeling guidelines. All this means is, same great syrup with a new name. Dark Amber is now called “Dark Robust Taste”. Grade – A medium which is also available is now called “Amber Rich Taste”. You can read the product descriptions for the ‘formerly known as’ old terminology. If you want former Grade B or cooking syrup, simply request Very Strong Taste!

Mack Brin Farms: We are having a sale on Mack Brin whole chickens and liver to make room for new inventory. There is nothing like a roasted pastured chicken. You can make 3 meals from one roast chicken, with a little creativity. Leftovers from the first meal make chicken salad, chicken tacos or chicken sandwich, and the bones will make you a healthy, nutritious soup or stock. Nothing goes to waste with a whole bird.

Nettle Meadow: Kunik, a soft semi-aged cheese is on sale as it reaches its “ripening” date. This light creamy cheese tastes stronger and more dynamic as it ages. For people who like “stinky” cheese, this Kunik is in its prime! Get it while it lasts, as the sale only lasts until we restock.

Be sure to check out our Specials in Shop by Product for deals on great local food – take a chance and try something new!

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